What is Cool Breakrooms?

What is ?

  • Cool Breakrooms is a 21st century concept — a future-forward response to the way we work. It’s about humanizing our workspaces, showing what’s possible and creating an online platform that showcases the gold standard of breakrooms.

    BUT Cool Breakrooms is not just about the fixtures, the machines or the spaces. Cool Breakrooms centers on a philosophy — a recognition — that employees aren’t just workers; that quality of life, health and wellness are central to wellbeing; and that a healthy, nourishing and nurturing workplace environment creates a culture that attracts and retains top employees.

    Modern workspaces are attractive and spacious with well-designed break spaces that favor communication over isolation. Employees can meet for coffee, sit and chat with colleagues, play a quick game of table tennis, or even grab a 10-minute power nap. These innovative spaces offer healthy snacks and a wide range of refreshments; some even offer beer and wine.

    If cool break rooms could speak, they’d say, “At this company, we value you; your wellbeing matters. Here, people are everything, and we care.” That’s powerful.

    This is a concept which offers huge returns to those willing to take the leap. We know; we’ve seen it. Happy, healthy and motivated employees lead to successful, dynamic companies, and now you can be a part of it too. Cool Breakrooms highlights a curated collection of breakrooms which offer only the best refreshments. Manufacturers now have a new opportunity to connect with vending providers and their future clients by advertising on Cool Breakrooms.

    Would you like to get your advertisements in front of break room providers or show that you understand what today’s employees want? Maybe you’d like to convey that you are different than your competition; you understand why specific products are important, and you want to help create cool break rooms.

    www.Coolbreakrooms.com showcases modern, innovative and inspirational breakrooms that some of our clients have created. We share which products were chosen, and how the spaces were designed. It’s your turn to share important features about new products and old favorites with our clients and theirs via advertisements on Cool Breakrooms.


I’d like to start with my story. There are two reasons for this; (1) you’ll get to know who I am, and what brought me to this point, and (2) you’ll understand our passion for Cool Breakrooms — the philosophy it represents, and why that’s so important to us.

When you’re done reading, I expect you’ll use this piece to assess whether you’d like to do business with me and be a part of Cool Breakrooms – you’ll also know a little more about our culture, and what drives us. All of which will likely help inform your decision.