Cimbali Group: A Luxury Coffee Experience

Cimbali Group Luxury Coffee Experience

Cimbali Group: A Luxury Coffee Experience

Welcome to the breakroom, Cimbali Group. We are so stoked you are finally here!

For 112 years Cimbali Group has brought luxury and reliable coffee experiences to cafés and restaurants worldwide. Now, employees can enjoy the same quality coffee brewing equipment in their company breakroom. It’s another reason for your team members to look forward to coming into the office.

Coolbreakrooms is thrilled to partner with Cimbali Group on elevating the breakroom. With Cimbali Group, preparing authentic espresso drinks is easy and achievable by all. Want to learn more about Cimbali Group?  Read on!

Meet Cimbali Group

Cimbali Group has a long reputation for crafting the perfect cup of coffee. This family-owned company was one of the first Italian manufacturers of espresso coffee machines. Consider Cimbali Group machines, the Lamborghini, Bugatti, or Ferrari of performance for espresso machines. It has combined innovative features and technology to create the finest super-automatic coffee machine for the breakroom. Vroom, vroom let’s get that unbelievable cup of coffee!

Affordable Total Cost of Ownership

Cimbali Group takes pride in the affordable total cost of ownership of its coffee machines. Coolbreakrooms spoke with Niklas Ivarsson, Chief Commercial Officer, Cimbali Group North America, about this. “We offer a reasonable upfront investment for our equipment and provide a low maintenance expense. Our systems allow customers to order individual modules for repair instead of entire system modules. Plus, our system of proactive maintenance reduces downtimes and more expensive fixes down the road.” Niklas related the maintenance schedules for Cimbali Group to routine car maintenance and assured Cimbali Group’s expert customer care will have you supremely satisfied – from the moment you first install your shiny new machine through years of delivering gourmet cup after cup.

The All-Star Coffee Machine Line-Up

There are so many Cimbali Group coffee machines to choose from. Its LaCimbali lineup is becoming a must-have in breakrooms everywhere. And, the plus is, each can be yours without breaking the bank.  Here are some favorites to consider for your breakroom.

La Cimbali S-Lite

LaCimbali S-Lite Super-Automatic

S-Lite Super-Automatic

Cimbali Group created this compact machine to be used in smaller spaces without sacrificing quality and taste. It is flexible for use in breakrooms, conference rooms, or on a coffee cart.

  • Plumb into your waterline or choose a Plug-in-play pour-over option.
  • Large 10.1” touchscreen display
  • 24 drink menu options
  • 120 volts for easy plug in
La Cimbali S-15

LaCimbali S15 Super-Automatic

S15 Super-Automatic

This powerful super-automatic is compact and offers a huge amount of drink options. Every medium-sized breakroom should have this luxury model.

  • 98 (you heard it right!) drink menu items.
  • Integrated system for frothed milk and powdered chocolate.
  • 120 volts for easy plug-in
Cimbali S20 Turbo Steam

LaCimbali S20 Turbo Steam

S20 Turbo Steam

The S20 has everything you’ll want in a traditional espresso machine.  The bonus? It is compact enough to fit anywhere. The innovative technology Cimbali Group is known for is on full display in the S20. It is a perfect machine to satisfy larger workforces.

  • The frothed milk steam wand with unique Turbosteam Cold Touch will wow the seasoned barista.
  • Can be used as a one-step and/or two-step operation.
  • Wide variety of gourmet coffee drinks, milk-based drinks, and tea.
Cimbali S20 Freshbrew

LaCimbali S20 FreshBrew

S20 Freshbrew

The S20 FreshBrew was developed exclusively for the American Breakroom. It was designed to satisfy those who love their “Americano” style of coffee. This Italian manufacturer is definitely looking out for the American worker!

  • High-quality coffee is available hot or cold.
  • Brew in four different sizes.
  • Pre-set recipes for a variety of beverages with various flavors.
  • Up to 200 cups per day.
Cimbali Faemina

Cimbali Group Faemina by Faema


This Cimbali Group addition is a highly valued part of the Faema line of equipment and is compact enough to suit and size breakroom. Niklas offered this on the Faemina by Faema: “This unit is a powerhouse with many of the same parts and technology as our best units to offer a great drink. If you have a pop-up at a Farmers Market, Automobile Dealer, conference room, or a high-end breakroom the Faemina is perfect. Some purchase for home use, but this unit is so much more.” He even made a video for us:



Cimbali Group offers so many ways to make that perfect cup of coffee. Reward your great teammates with LaCimbali equipment and show them how much they’re appreciated. Contact us at Coolbreakrooms to find the perfect coffee machine for you!