Get to Know Us

Coolbreakrooms is a future-forward response to the way we work. It’s about humanizing our workspaces and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s about connecting employees, reducing stress, and making them feel more appreciated and valued.

We are passionate about breakrooms that do MORE.

Vending services
Enhance employees’ quality of life

Breakroom services
Encourage health and overall wellbeing

Office coffee service
Attract and retain quality talent

Vending providers
Promote a better workplace culture

Where did that passion come from?

Keep reading to learn a little bit about our journey.

How it

Our Founder, Neil Swindale calls “time-out” on his professional basketball career in New Zealand to start something new.

Industry Knowledge

Neil spends 13 years on the supplier side of the vending industry, learning about the products, the services, and the people that make the industry thrive.

Vending Experience

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Neil starts his own full-service vending company. He leads its growth and then sells the business to pursue an exciting new venture.

Developing Relationships

His new company, VendCentral, helps breakroom operators market their businesses and promote better breakrooms in the communities they serve. It continues today.

is Born

Focused directly on consumers, we combine vending industry expertise and strong operator relationships to make it easy for companies to create better breakrooms.

Healthy vending and breakroom services

Coolbreakrooms is driven to help businesses create breakrooms that serve as the heart of their workplace – a gathering spot that their employees will love.

Better breaks, happy employees

Coolbreakrooms is here to guide you in the process of creating spaces that promote ALL dimensions of wellness.  Contact us to start the conversation!