Why do you need a Coolbreakroom?

Coolbreakrooms make workplaces better

Outstanding breakroom spaces bring employees together, growing both engagement and productivity.

Bragging Rights

Employees with breakroom perks talk up their employer to co-workers and new talent.

Improved Morale

A comfortable breakroom space filled with delicious refreshments makes employees feel valued.

Enriched Culture

The unique atmosphere of a Coolbreakroom ensures employees look forward to work and increases retention.

make employees
happier at work.

Looking to retain your valuable employees? Your company breakroom plays a big role in their workplace happiness! Workers with enhanced breakroom amenities not only more satisfied at work – they perform better too.

Coolbreakrooms offer so many benefits


Coolbreakrooms are a centralized gathering place, spurring cross-department interactions and collaborations that drive innovation.


Coolbreakrooms encourage outside-the-box thinking with unique and alternative workspaces to drive innovation.


Coolbreakrooms are an oasis for employees during breaks so they don’t have to (or want to) leave your campus or building.


Coolbreakrooms put healthier food and drink options within easy reach and empower employees to make positive lifestyle choices.

Coolbreakrooms attract top talent

Today’s workers are looking for more from their employer and your company breakroom reflects how you’ll treat new recruits. Coolbreakrooms will make sure you wow them!