Why Your Hotel Needs a Micromarket

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Why Your Hotel Needs a Micromarket

With travel season arriving shortly, now’s the time to install that micromarket. The competition for travelers to choose your hotel is fierce. The better your guest experience, the more likely travelers will choose you. A recent survey said that 33% of guests wished hotels would offer late-night food options. When they arrive late, they are looking for a better nosh! Coolbreakrooms wants to make sure that you are ready.

Micromarkets over Vending Machines

Hotel micromarkets offer a far better variety of selections compared to vending machines. Think grab-n-go salads, healthier snacks, and a variety of drinks. Plus, micromarkets are a far better shopping experience. Guests can easily browse options,  pick up products, and read labels. That is convenience!

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More than Snacks and Beverages

Travelers are packing lighter and lighter every day. They can also get rushed and be forgetful. That’s why your hotel micromarket shouldn’t be limited to snacks and beverages. Think toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, razors, headsets, phone chargers, and other amenities. While your guests are picking up those forgotten essentials, they’ll also grab a drink or a quick snack. This turns a potentially frustrating moment into a great experience that will keep guests coming back. Be sure your micromarket also has a coffee machine with single-cup options for those late-night coffee lovers.

Truth in Numbers!

  •  73% of guests prefer to use hotel technology that allows them to avoid socializing with hotel staff or other visitors.
  •  70% of Millennials prefer a contactless hotel experience. (Gen Z is 80%.)
  •  38% of guests say they want a fully self-service model with staff only upon request.
  •  49% of guests are looking for contactless payments.

Self Service Experience

A micromarket’s self-checkout kiosk is available 24/7. That means your hotel team can focus on your guests’ more important needs without the distraction of working “the cash register.” As guests, we’ve all had the frustrating experience of wanting to buy something in a hotel lobby only to wait in line while the person behind the counter helps another guest. Not anymore. A micromarket with self-checkout lets guests pick what they need and purchase it on their own. You can also use your micromarket kiosk to promote products or services your hotel has to offer. Integrate your kiosks with your existing software to have receipts printed on guests’ room invoices. Most come with multiple language choices.

You may be preparing your hotel for the travel season rush, but there’s still time to add your micromarket and stock it with everything your guests crave. Many Coolbreakrooms Authorized Providers can manage this process for you and offer custom design options for your space too.

Let’s keep your hotel guests happy and excited to come back and refer you to others. It is a win-win for everyone. Contact Coolbreakrooms today for more information and help getting started.