Water Filtration Systems: Top Picks

Water Filtration Systems Top Picks

Water Filtration Systems: Top Picks

As April 22nd approaches, Earth Day 2024 puts the spotlight on “Planet vs. Plastics.” Perfectly timed, Coolbreakrooms’ water filtration systems top picks all help reduce plastic waste in your workplace. With so many options available, we’re here to make your selection process easier.

Why a Water Filtration System?

Let’s keep the suspense going while we briefly recap why the planet and your employees benefit from a water filtration system.

  • The production of water bottles consumes large amounts of fossil fuels. The production of a single plastic water bottle requires three times more water than the bottle can hold!
  • Only 12% of plastic water bottles are actually recycled.
  • A plastic water bottle takes hundreds of years to decompose.
  • A water filtration system provides huge cost savings compared to bulk purchasing water bottles every week.
  • Water filtration systems have the added health benefits of removing contaminants like chlorine, lead, and pathogens. Did you know there are very few major regulations on bottled water? The only major one is producers can only call water “Spring Water” if it comes from a spring.
  • A water filtration system means no more schlepping water bottles from the store

These are only a few callouts on a very long list of benefits.  So, now let’s get after it. Who made our list of top water filtration systems?

Borg & Overström Water Filtration

Borg and Overstrom – Sleek and Innovative

Sleek gained a new definition with Borg & Overstrom products. Counter-top, floor-model, or taps are all available options. In 2002, the company started designing units as it saw a need for excellence in the world of water dispensing. Borg & Overstrom’s Direct Chill innovation is a major step forward in performance.

Borg & Overström water dispensers have the Totality® hygiene system that includes six innovations.  Its Viovandt™ innovation uses powerful UV-LEDs to destroy the harmful microorganisms present in the water. Its Fynil® innovation resists biofilm development and limescale cohesion for increased hygiene and longevity.

A beautiful Borg & Overström tap unit can be installed with a simple small hole drilled into your countertop. The tap’s faucet designs are out of this world. No counter space? No problem. Borg & Overström’s floor-standing units fit any décor. The floor unit has a unique hands-free option with SensorBeam® Technology on the floor.  Simply step on lighted options to make your beverage selections.

Key features:

  • Sparkling, chilled, ambient, and hot
  • Ultra-violet purification
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Energy-efficient intelligent EcoBoil and energy-saving EcoMode prevent unnecessary energy waste during the heating and cooling
  • Borg and Overström gives back by supporting charities like Made Blue Foundation and The Water Project

Bevi Water Filtration

Bevi – Fun and Flavorful

We love Bevi’s tagline – Hydrate Happy™! This bubbly, bottle-less water dispenser brings many tasty water options to your breakroom and is available in both countertop and floor models. Bevi offers over 14 delicious flavors and, if you are like us, you can mix them to enjoy plenty more. After your morning workout, choose to add electrolytes to your drink. When the 2:00 PM yawn comes your way, add some caffeine to your water for the pick-up you need.  Both can be done with just a push of a button.

Key features:

  • Natural ingredients are used for all flavors
  • Zero-calorie flavor options are sweetened with all-natural stevia leaf extract
  • Vitamin Boost enhancement can be added with the push of a button. The essential nutrients help your immune system operate at peak performance.

Bevi makes drinking water exciting and helps employees maintain better wellness too.

FloWater Water Filtration

FloWater – Hi-Tech with a Heart

The FloWater Water Refilling Station utilizes medical-grade filtration technology and a 7x Advanced Purification process.  The final step is unique: coconut carbon filters made with real coconut husks add the finishing touch. It’s one of the reasons FloWater tastes so great and why 80% of consumers prefer FloWater over their favorite bottled water brand. FloWater also offers reliable temperatures and one of the the fastest fill rate on the market.

Flowater commits to reducing microplastics in our environment and removing them from the water you drink. It has already saved over 305 million plastic water bottles from entering our waters and landfills. It’s target to reach 1 billion saved by the end of 2022.

Key features:

  • Patented filtration eliminates 99% of toxins, heavy metals, microplastics, viruses, and bacteria.
  • Self-Sanitizing
  • Beneficial minerals, alkaline, and oxygen additives are available.
  • Fills a 24 oz. bottle in 9 seconds!

Ion from Natural Choice Water Filtration

Ion from Natural Choice – Reliable and Affordable

Sometimes you want a water filtration unit without all the frills. If you are looking for a quality system that provides fast, reliable, and healthy water, the Ion Bottless Water Cooler is it!  Its compact design also makes it a versatile unit that can fit in tight spaces. With a push of a button, the Ion can provide an endless supply of cold, hot, ambient, or sparkling water.

Key features:

  • Dispenses up to 80 glasses in 40 minutes (Take that in! All at 42 degrees!)
  • Offers 10x the cooling capacity of a standard filtration machine.
  • Reservoir free
  • 2 Gallons of hot water (180 degrees F) per hour

Vivreau Water Filtration

Vivreau – An Elevated Experience

Vivreau is applauded for its advanced hygiene with technologies like HygienePlus and Thermalgate™.  Its integrated taps are stylish and easy to install into your counter top. Multiple configurations of floor standing and countertop models are also available. Vivreau’s high volume bottling systems makes it perfect for hotels, country clubs, education institutions and healthcare facilities.  Sustainability is at the heart of everything Vivreau does and it takes pride in helping companies make a positive impact on the environment.

Key features:

  • All flavor enhancements are made with fruit sourced in the USA with no added sugars. Attractive dispensers allow you to personally control how much flavor you add to your water.
  • An end-to-end approach to hygiene with safeguards that keep your water dispensers clean.
  • Vivreau supplies customized re-usable water bottles to their customers to reduce the use of single-use plastic water bottles. Your company can also brand these bottles with its logo.

With so many water filtration systems on the market, it’s helpful to look at what we consider the top 5 for your breakroom. Contact Coolbreakrooms today to find the perfect water filtration system that will help your company pick “Planet over Plastics”.