Micro-markets make convenience more convenient.

Coolbreakrooms’ micro-markets are today’s
answer to the traditional breakroom

Open-air markets provide a convenient shopping experience with many choices.

Employees can quickly and easily select and pay for their refreshments.

Open around
the clock
Fresh food
on the go

Healthy is Convenient

Today’s employees are focused on their health. Our Coolbreakrooms Authorized Providers are committed to providing fresh and healthy options to satisfy them in the breakroom. Think fresh fruit, delicious salads, and unique grain bowls.

Our Authorized Providers offer modern
breakrooms with today’s latest technology.

Touchless Payments

Remote machine monitoring

More efficient routes

Remote inventory tracking

Secure kiosks with data encryption

Enhance your company culture with a micro-market

Retain your key talent by offering more benefits like a modern breakroom stocked with the trendy refreshments they want.

Healthy snack and meal options encourage healthy lifestyle choices, resulting in a healthier staff with less time out sick.

Providing a space for employees to take small breaks throughout the day does wonders for their workplace happiness and productivity.

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