Hotel employees love
Grab and Go markets.

A Coolbreakrooms Grab and Go market is the easiest and most cost-effective way to provide your hotel staff with meals, snacks, and beverages. Simply load a daily allowance on their employee dining card and give them the freedom to choose from a variety of delicious options.

Hotel pantry and vending services

Delicious fresh foods,
snacks, and beverages
are always available.

Hotel pantry service for office breakrooms

Use the pre-loaded
dining card to pay
for selections.

Office hotel pantry service

Happy, satisfied
employees are
at every shift!

Office hotel pantry service


Consistent, reliable amenities are important to shift workers and make their job more comfortable. With Grab and Go dining, employees always have options they can count on.

There is less food waste with Grab and Go dining when compared to buffet and catering options.

Office hotel pantry service
Office hotel pantry service

and Wellness

Grab and Go markets provide access to healthy and nutritious items no matter when your employees are working.

Breakroom hotel pantry service

Grab and Go markets fit your budget and are a modern choice
for your hotel staff.

Office hotel pantry and vending service

to execute

Hotel pantry service for your office

Eliminates costly
prep & clean-up

Office hotel pantry service

Provides sanitary

Hotel pantry service

Offers more

Find out how our Coolbreakrooms Authorized Providers can outfit your
hotel with a Grab and Go market that checks all the boxes!