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Fixturelite leads the breakroom industry with exceptional designs, fixtures,
and equipment. From conception to installation, Fixturelite’s design team
experts create breakrooms that delight employees and guests.

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The Breakroom Resources Design Process
Makes it EASY

HR Managers, Facility Managers, Architects, and Project Managers all love Fixturelite’s
trademark design process. Why? It makes the process easy, provides uncompromising
service, and ensures outstanding results.

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Countless Options for
Every Space and Budget

Fixturelite has the fixtures, technology, and equipment to suit your needs and budget. Choose high-quality products from their Essentials, Performance, or Executive line. Create a well-rounded shopping experience with specialized off-the-wall displays. The options are endless. That’s why Fixturelite is Coolbreakrooms’ top choice for any micro-market or pantry setting.

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Market Display
Renderings Let You
Build with Confidence

Fixturelite’s 3D design renderings take the guesswork out of the process. A virtual walkthrough of your new space will ensure you’re happy with your new breakroom design before construction begins.

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Fixturelite is a One-Stop Shop for Designing
Your Perfect Breakroom

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Custom Design
& Fabrication

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A Reputation of
Excellence in
Breakroom Design

Industry knowledge and a personalized experience sets Fixturelite apart. Its products are crafted with quality, easy to assemble, and built to last.

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Are you looking to transform your breakroom from ordinary to extraordinary?
Start designing with Coolbreakrooms and Fixturelite.