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What is Coolbreakrooms?

Coolbreakrooms was founded by refreshment industry veteran, Neil Swindale. It is an online resource designed to inspire and simplify the process of updating your company breakroom. We share information and ideas PLUS connect you to qualified providers of breakroom products and services in your hometown.

Featured Breakroom

Atlanta, Georgia

Chick-fil-A promotes a culture of caring throughout their Atlanta corporate headquarters. With 29 breakrooms, a full-service cafeteria, and a café with barista service, Chick-fil-A provides refreshments daily for 3,000+ employees in a relaxing, comfortable environment.

Neil meets Jay Akins, Beverage and Food Director at Chick-fil-A. Jay shares what makes Chick-fil-A’s breakrooms so unique and how they expand on the traditions started by the company’s founder in 1960.

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We are improving breakrooms across the nation and showcasing companies that embrace an improved workplace culture. Our goal is to enhance employee’s quality of life, health, and wellness in the workplace. Want to create a healthy and welcoming work environment for your employees? Coolbreakrooms is your source for inspiration, guidance, and support.

Why are important?

Breakrooms are essential to fostering employee wellness and happiness. Whether it’s artistically designed vending machines or a modern corporate kitchen pantry, these spaces bolster productivity and shrink turnover.

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Meet breakroom innovators across the nation

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We’re teaming up with Branch to Box logo to offer healthy and delightful benefits that will boost your office morale, encourage healthy lifestyles, and help retain quality employees.

Breakroom options

Breakroom Options

What is the best breakroom service for you? From open style market concepts to convenient pantry layouts to innovative vending equipment, we outline the available options and help you make the best choice.


Service Providers

There are thousands of providers in the refreshment services industry. We will help you find the right providers to help you bring your breakroom vision to life.

Design Services

Sometimes it’s not enough to just install new refreshment options in your employee breakroom. A total breakroom redesign shows your employees that you care about their well-being and comfort.

Breakroom Refreshment Services


Bring healthy food options to the workplace.


Office coffee

a quick way to boost employee satisfaction.


Vending Machines

Add variety to breakroom food options with vending machines.


Pantry Service

Reward your employees with free snacks and beverages