Why is having a cool breakroom important?

Meet Chick-fil-A at their Atlanta headquarters

Jay Akins, Beverage and Food Director at Chick-fil-A, shares what it takes to make Chick-fil-A’s breakrooms so unique.

With 29 breakrooms throughout their corporate campus, a full-service cafeteria and a café with barista service, Chick-fil-A provides refreshments daily for 3,000+ employees. Listen to Jay Akins explain how Chick-fil-A has expanded on the breakroom traditions started by the company’s founder in 1960.

Improved morale

The better the breakroom, the more excited employees will be to come to work each day to collaborate with colleagues.

Boost in productivity

A cool breakroom should be the hub of productivity - a place where employees come together to create new and exciting ideas.

Healthier food options

By offering healthy food choices companies show their workforce that they care about their health and well-being - both at work and at home.

Looks great to your clients

What’s more impressive than being able to show off an awesome breakroom to potential clients? Show that your company is willing to go the extra mile.

Cool breakrooms show employees that they are valued.

Offers an alternative workspace

Offering a unique breakroom atmosphere provides not only a dining space, but a new space to work and join forces with neighbors.


Experience the ultimate refreshment experience.

365 Retail Markets: the global leader of self-service technology and convenience solutions for the Foodservice industry is making convenience more convenient in the coolest break rooms around the globe.

Pantry Service

Why is pantry service becoming so popular?

Unlike with traditional vending machines pantry service is an open kitchen concept with food, snacks and beverage options that are free to your employees. The employer covers all vending or coffee options, alleviating any expenses on behalf of the employees and is seen by the team as a tasty benefit.

Design Services

Make Your Breakroom a Destination Point.

Sometimes it’s not enough to just install new breakroom refreshment options in your employee breakroom. A total breakroom redesign shows your employees that you care about their well-being and comfort.

    Cool Breakroom Movement

    Learn from todays most innovative companies who are already implementing cool breakrooms across the globe. Take a look at our current featured breakroom to get some tips and tricks for your room.

Breakroom Refreshment Services


Bring healthy food options to the workplace.


Office coffee

a quick way to boost employee satisfaction.


Vending Machines

Add variety to breakroom food options with vending machines.



Keep your employees healthy, hydrated, and ready for action.