When it comes to provider types, there are so many choices. So when you are searching for the right fit for your company, it helps to know the type of provider you are dealing with and their capabilities.

National Providers

There are several major national refreshment providers. They have the latest and greatest in technology and equipment, wonderful products to choose from, and an excellent sales team. Like regional providers, they will welcome you into their warehouse, though it might not be locally based.

Large Regional Refreshment Providers

A large local refreshment provider is often the perfect combination of size and service. They will happily welcome you into their local warehouse and will have the capital, infrastructure, technology, and staff to provide you with personalized service. Not only will they be responsive to your needs but they will also be flexible when it comes to providing different types of equipment and products, including health and wellness focused items and programs.

Management Companies

Management companies can be a good choice for large corporations that have breakrooms in multiple office locations. Vending management companies typically subcontract to local vending providers and then oversee all of the accounts. They are paid a commission each month for this service.

Small Mom and Pop Vending Company

A small provider can offer very flexible service levels that are appealing, but in some cases they might not have the financial resources and access to modern equipment and technology that you desire. In some cases, they work out of their garages and storage sheds, which isn't necessarily a problem, but you, the decision maker, should know. Many successful companies began in a garage. Can you say #HP and #Apple?

Healthy Vending Franchises

When you sign with a national healthy vending franchise, your business is given to one of their local franchisees. Often, the national franchise is more well-known than the local franchisee. It is important to consider the following questions before signing a contract. How does the local franchise operate? Where do they store their products? How do they transport the products? Is it their full-time or part-time business? Healthy Vending Franchises are excellent marketing companies and have a great selection of healthy products.

Do It Yourself

This option is popular. Buying your own machines and going to Costco to purchase your supplies can save some money and work for a while, but eventually, it’s going to become difficult. Having your employees lugging cases of soda and bottled water around the office gets old quickly.

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