Our Favorite Breakrooms.

We’re bringing our favorite modern, innovative, and hip breakrooms to one place so you can see what the pros are doing - and how you can do it, too. What does it take to be one of the best breakrooms? It’s pretty simple.

Featured Breakroom: Chick-fil-A,
Atlanta, GA

Chick-fil-A has always believed in taking care of employees. Back in the 1960s, the company’s founder Truett Cathy sent out for lunch every day to feed the staff working at the Hapeville, Georgia headquarters. As the company grew, the drive to provide refreshments shaped the layout of company breakrooms and what services were offered. Today, at the Atlanta, Georgia headquarters, Jay Akins, Beverage and Food Director, picks up the mantle of caring for employees by offering great food and drink benefits, including innovative breakroom design.


Featured Breakroom: Turn5,
Philadelphia, PA

Car enthusiasts seeking quality after-market auto parts recognize Turn5 as the e-commerce leader in the industry. Their team of experts help customers build the car of their dreams and express their own individual personality and style.

When it came to designing a new breakroom for their Philadelphia area headquarters, Turn5 took inspiration from their customers and expressed their own style with a design that maximizes function, comfort, and fun.


Featured Breakroom: ApolloMD, Atlanta, GA

Bright and airy, a micro-market entices ApolloMD employees to enter the breakroom for a quick snack or thirst-quenching beverage during their busy day.

Much like ApolloMD deepens customer satisfaction at hospitals by employing physicians and hospital staff, the elevated design and open concept of its refreshment area deepens the benefit for employees.


Featured Breakroom: POPSUGAR, San Francisco, CA

POPSUGAR strives to inspire, inform, and entertain women around the world through different types of media. That requires engaged and elated employees who love where they work, which is where Marnell Mullarkey, director of operations, shines.

When she was given the task of redesigning the company breakroom, she embraced the idea and began working with architects and foodservice providers to turn it into something truly special.

  • Innovation.

    A cool breakroom is one that thinks outside of the box, disrupting the normal way of doing things in hopes of making it better.

  • Entertainment.

    Our featured breakrooms aren’t just about offering nourishment for their employees, they’re about offering ways for team members to have fun and enjoy their time at work.

  • Relaxation.

    Whether it’s an on site massage therapist or a quiet nook to read a book, relaxation in the breakroom leads to higher levels of productivity and workplace satisfaction.

  • Collaboration.

    Our cool breakroom selection features spaces where employees come together to discuss ideas, work through problems on current projects, and collaborate in order to form new solutions.

  • Convenience.

    Micro-markets, on site dry cleaning and hair cutting facilities - these are things that some of the most high-tech breakrooms offer their employees.

  • Health.

    This is a must-have element for any modern breakroom. Fresh foods, healthy eating choices, and on-site workout rooms or swimming pools are what help our featured breakrooms go above and beyond the rest.