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What exactly are the components of a cool, modern breakroom? We’ll break it down for you to show you some ways to liven up your breakroom.

Pantry Service

A pantry service is an excellent way to spruce up your breakroom and improve employee satisfaction. Through this breakroom service, employees pay less or nothing at all for their breakroom snacks. And it’s all thanks to you, the employer.

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Design Services

Your break room doesn’t have to be old and outdated. With breakroom design services, your break room can be a highlight of the office. Entice future employees and create a modern, sleek destination for current ones.

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Often going hand in hand with breakroom design services, micro-markets allow you as the employer to put health and choice in the forefront of your employees’ minds.

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Office Coffee

If you don’t offer office coffee service in your current breakroom, you’re missing out. All of our featured breakrooms know that an office without caffeine is like a town without a gas station. Office coffee service is a must in order to meet the requirements of a cool breakroom.


Vending services still have a place in your cool breakroom, so don’t ditch your vending company just yet. Now more than ever, healthy vending options are a staple of your breakroom. Fresh juices, flavored waters, and healthy vending snacks make for a convenient way for your employees to choose healthy office snacks.

Water Filtration

Water filtration services allow you to ensure that your employees are hydrated and healthy. Whether they’re using hot water for their oatmeal or tea, or cold water mixed with their favorite fruit, water filtration helps to keep employees on track during the workweek.

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