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The FruitGuys are the Good Guys

Put your money where your mission is.

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Local Farmers

The FruitGuys donates a minimum value of 20% of its annual profits to feed the hungry and support small farms. Its team knows that without farmers, they couldn't bring fresh fruit to folks like you.

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Stimulate Your Local Economy

The FruitGuys isn't just any fruit delivery service. It works with more than 200 small farms and producers across the country to help boost local economies.

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Change Lives

Since 1998, The FruitGuys has donated more than 18 million servings of food to those in need. Giving away excess and visually imperfect produce and snacks also helps reduce food waste. It's a win-win!

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Aid Sustainability Initiatives

The FruitGuys Community Fund provides grants to small farms for sustainability projects, like new beekeeping gear and solar-powered equipment.

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Use a Woman-Owned, Certified B Corp

The FruitGuys has been a Certified B Corp since 2019. In 2022, it was named a "Best for the World" B Corp because of its exceptional positive impact on the community.

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Breakrooms LOVE The FruitGuys

“One of the most fruitful partnerships for us.”

"The biggest thing for us is that it boosts morale. People
eat a lot more fruit instead of junk food now."

"It rivals my local Sunday farmers market."

“When we held a national health challenge and asked the winning employees
what they wanted, they said 'extra FruitGuys boxes!'”

“Our employees have told us they’ve changed their snacking
habits, at least while at work, to healthier foods.”

"I make sure to snatch up one of my favorite fruits from the box when they arrive."

"No comparison to the quality."

"Being able to provide a convenient and healthy snack has
been a great benefit for our team members."

"The fruit is great-quality, organic, and fresh! We love that
the fruit provided is in season and delicious."

"Our employees love it!"

More than Just Fruit:
Curated Snack Boxes

Craving something savory to go with that sweet fruit? Try TheFruitGuys' healthy, crunchy, chewy, small batch snacks.

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