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Improving your Winnipeg breakroom is an effective way to boost morale and improve productivity. With modern refreshment solutions, your Winnipeg employees can save time because they are able to find quality snacks and fresh food onsite. There are many breakroom solutions in the Winnipeg area such as office coffee services, micro-markets, pantry services, and vending machines. At Coolbreakrooms, we’ll help you create the ideal breakroom for your staff. Then, we’ll provide comprehensive profiles of the most outstanding local Authorized Service providers who will work closely with you to bring your plans to life.

Breakroom Services
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Discover the many breakroom service options available for your
Winnipeg workplace.

Winnipeg micro markets and vending machines

A Winnipeg micro-market brings trendy offerings to
your breakroom

When a snack attack hits your hardworking Winnipeg staff, a micro-market provides everything they need and more. In fact, your Winnipeg micro-market can be stocked with hundreds of products including fresh, healthy meals and a variety of tasty snacks. Working with your Authorized Service Provider, you can tailor your product selection to meet your team’s preferences and dietary needs. Additionally, your staff can stay hydrated with trendy drinks, fruit juices, and all-natural beverages. Thanks to remote monitoring, restocking your micro-market is automatic. That way your Winnipeg breakroom will always be fully stocked and ready to enjoy.

Impress your team with a Winnipeg office
pantry service

A Winnipeg office pantry makes free snacks, foods, and beverages available to your employees. Between phone calls and meetings, your team needs to keep their energy levels up. Offering free refreshments in your Winnipeg breakroom can boost productivity and keep your team happy. Additionally, an office pantry is an impressive employee benefit that will attract new talent. Create your office pantry to meet your unique needs. One of our Authorized Service Providers will be happy to help create a pantry service that fits perfectly within your budget while also exceeding your Winnipeg
employees’ expectations.

Winnipeg office pantry service and snack vending machines
Winnipeg office coffee solutions and vending machine solutions

A Winnipeg office coffee service can energize your team

Sipping a cappuccino or latte can help your team get through a busy morning or power through the afternoon slump. With a Winnipeg office coffee service, your employees can enjoy their favorite drinks without having to go out on a “coffee run.” Our Authorized Service Providers can help you choose the best equipment. For those who want the freshest cup of coffee, try a bean-to-cup coffee brewer. Serving coffee at a meeting is easy with a traditional coffee brewer. Or treat your Winnipeg employees to specialty drinks with a single-cup coffee service. Upgrade your tap water with a Winnipeg water filtration service. Not only is pure, fresh water more pleasant to drink, but it can also improve the taste of coffee and tea.

Sustain your employees’ energy levels with Winnipeg
vending machines

Offer delicious snacks, beverages, and fresh food with Winnipeg vending machines. A premium vending service is particularly versatile, as you can place vending machines in your Winnipeg breakroom, lobby, or other strategic areas of your building. Today, vending machines can even offer fresh food such as sandwiches and salads. That means your Winnipeg employees can find healthy meals in addition to quality snacks.

Winnipeg healthy vending service and water filtration service

Coolbreakrooms is your partner in upgrading your Winnipeg breakroom. We look forward to guiding you through the process of designing your new breakroom and putting you in contact with one of our trusted Authorized
Service Providers.