Want to Attract Gen Z and Millennials? Here’s How!

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Want to Attract Gen Z and Millennials? Here’s How!

If you need to attract and retain top talent, start by upgrading your breakroom. Premium refreshment services can be a strong tool for getting the attention of job candidates. This is especially true of Gen Z and Millennials. Plus, the right vibe and products can help you retain your high-talent employees, no matter their generation. 

Gen Z and Millennials Want More

If you’re vying for talented young workers, turn to the company culture. Many Gen Z and Millennials value more than money when it comes to work benefits. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) says that most workers, 89%, value health-related benefits the most. Nearly half, 49%, cited wellness. 

It’s not just health and wellness that catches the eye of young professionals. In a different survey, SHRM found that environmental and social issues are top-of-mind for Gen Z and Millennials. That means this too could help your hiring strategy when it comes to younger workers. 

Read on for ways to add these to your breakroom in order to wow new young candidates. 

Offer Lots of Options

Everyone is different and has different needs. Acknowledge that with a wide variety of eats in the breakroom, especially trendy choices. Get your micro-market or vending machine provider to Include specialty products, such as gluten-free and keto-friendly. Let’s not forget the kosher-certified and vegetarian options, which are becoming more sought after. This ensures your staff has options to meet their different health needs. 

Besides snacks, having a great mix of drinks is a must. Aim for today’s popular options, including sparkling water, nitro brew, and functional energy drinks. 

Recruit Gen Z and Millennials | Healthy | Eco-Friendly

Emphasize Health & Wellness

Personal health is a high priority for young professionals. Show your support with what you have in the breakroom. Perhaps it’s time to subsidize fresh fruits and vegetables or protein-packed snacks.

Encouraging wellness isn’t just about offering good eats, though. It’s also about movement and mental health. Start walking groups, offer weight loss support, or add a ping-pong table to the breakroom. This encourages staff to get moving, which boosts health and mood. It’s also a great way to stress the value of breaks. Research shows breaks are important to focus and productivity. 

Create a Comfortable and Social Space

Younger workers place a high value on collaboration and community. Create a breakroom that invites social interaction. Do this with comfy seating areas where a few colleagues could, say, grab a latte from the bean-to-cup brewer and chat about their latest project. If you have the space, include tables where multiple people can sit and have lunch. Eating together makes staff feel connected, letting them work better as a team. After all, nothing brings people together more than food. Use it to attract new talent and keep those all-star employees you already have.

Embrace Technology and Sustainability

Because Gen Z and Millennials care about environmental and social issues, it’s important to show them you do too. There are many breakroom technologies that provide eco-friendly benefits. This might include fewer emissions because your service provider uses a system to maximize breakroom service. Or, it could be compostable tea bags and coffee pods in your office coffee. There are even Fairtrade coffee and chocolate products that ensure workers get a fair wage. Ask your refreshment service provider about options that meet this need. Then you can show talented workers what you’re doing to support the planet. 

Stand Out to Gen Z and Millennials

To recruit young professionals, showcase your culture. That starts in the breakroom. Ensure you include plenty of options that are important to Gen Z and Millennials, including options that support a healthy lifestyle. And ensure the space feels comfortable, fostering collaboration with plenty of “green” services to show your support for the planet.

If you need help getting breakroom services that will attract and retain Gen Z and Millennials, Coolbreakrooms can help. We have Authorized Service Providers who can help turn your space into a tool to attract and retain.