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Create a positive workplace culture by upgrading your Seattle breakroom

At Coolbreakrooms, we’ve seen first-hand how transforming breakrooms can help create a positive space that brings employees together. With over 20 years of industry experience, we’re here to help you upgrade your Seattle breakroom. There are many Seattle refreshment solutions to choose from including micro-markets, pantry services, office coffee services, and vending machines. We will guide you through the benefits that each one offers so that you can select the best solution for your Seattle workplace. Then, we’ll connect you with one of our trusted and reliable Authorized Service Providers who will work with you to create the ideal breakroom for your budget and needs.

Breakroom Services in Seattle

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your Seattle workplace.

Seattle micro-markets

A Seattle micro-market offers variety and quality refreshments in the breakroom

A sleek design with glass-front coolers and open shelves offers your Seattle employees a superior mini convenience store without leaving the building. Offering your team’s favorite snacks, fresh food, and beverages, a Seattle micro-market can be tailored to include your product preferences. Prioritize healthy options that support your corporate wellness initiative or request your favorite local products and national brands. Your refreshment services provider will help you build a micro-market that offers your team exactly what they’re looking for, whether that’s a healthy lunch or a tasty treat.

Recruit and retain with a Seattle
pantry service

Offer your hardworking Seattle employees free snacks, beverages, and fresh food through an office pantry service. This popular breakroom solution is a great employee perk that can boost morale and attract new talent. Our Authorized Service Providers can help you build a great Seattle pantry service that fits your budget and goals. Reward your employees with a relaxing Seattle breakroom that helps them recharge throughout the day.

Office pantry services and snack vending machines in Seattle
Seattle office coffee service

Enjoy specialty drinks with a superior Seattle office coffee service

Modern coffee equipment serves up barista-quality coffee beverages such as cappuccinos and lattes. With a premium Seattle coffee service, you can save your employees the expense and time used on a “coffee run.” Instead, they can enjoy a high-quality drink in your Seattle breakroom! Our Authorized Providers all offer cutting-edge coffee brewers such as traditional coffee brewers, bean-to-cup brewers, and single-cup coffee solutions. Additionally, everything you need to complete your coffee and tea bar will be regularly restocked. Encourage your employees to stay hydrated and refreshed by also installing a Seattle water filtration system. Pure water free of impurities can encourage positive lifestyle choices!

Seattle vending machines that bring convenience to the workplace

Offer irresistible snacks and refreshing beverages anywhere in your Seattle workplace, including the breakroom, with modern and reliable vending machines. With a quality Seattle vending service, you can make fresh foods, snacks, and beverages readily available to your staff without leaving the workplace. Work with one of our Authorized Service Providers to customize your product selection. Include your favorite local items, national brands, and specialty items. Featuring contactless payment options and remote monitoring, your Seattle vending machines will include the latest and greatest vending technology.

Seattle vending machines

Coolbreakrooms is here to help you create your ideal Seattle breakroom. From selecting the best refreshment services to helping you find a great Authorized Service Provider, we’ll support you every step of the way.