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Coolbreakrooms is dedicated to improving employee wellness in workplaces throughout San Francisco and the nation. We believe a quality breakroom is an integral part of a great workplace and we are helping San Francisco companies make their breakrooms the best they can be. Coolbreakrooms guides companies through the many breakroom services available: micro-markets, pantry service, office coffee service, and traditional vending. We feature companies that are leading the way with great breakroom services and help companies partner with the right breakrooms services provider.

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San Francisco micro-markets

Micro-Markets offer variety to San
Francisco employees

If you want to keep your San Francisco employees on-site during their lunch break, delight them with the abundance of choices a breakroom micro-market provides. A variety of fresh foods, including crisp salads, artisanal sandwiches, and healthy entrees are all on the menu along with gourmet office coffee, and an expanded assortment of snacks and beverages. With a micro-market, employees don’t need to leave the office on their lunch break because they have the delicious options right in their San Francisco breakroom. Micro-markets are also a great place for employees to socialize with their coworkers and build a sense of community.

Pantry service is an affordable luxury for your San Francisco workplace

Reward your San Francisco employees with complimentary snacks and beverages through an office pantry service program. Pantry service is a small investment that pays off big. Employees feel valued and appreciated, retention improves, and productivity is boosted too. Your breakroom service provider will help you select the right office coffee program to compliment a collection of snacks and beverages that is perfect for your budget. Pantry service creates a WOW factor in your San Francisco workplace that impresses guests and new recruits too!

San Francisco office pantry services
San Francisco office coffee services

Start the day right with gourmet office coffee in your San Francisco breakroom

Your San Francisco employees will look forward to arriving at work each day knowing a delicious coffee shop experience awaits. A great office coffee program features the coffee brands your San Francisco workers love and easy to use brewing equipment. Choose the brewing system right for your San Francisco breakroom: traditional brewing, convenient single-cup brewing, or gourmet bean to cup brewing. No matter your choice, the right office coffee program will surely perk up your San Francisco employees.

San Francisco offices love the ease of
vending machines.

Vending machines allow your San Francisco employees to access snacks and beverages with the simple push of a button. The right breakroom services provider will have the latest vending machine technology to ensure your San Francisco breakroom never runs out of the top selling items. Vending machines now accept a variety of cashless payments too, making them easier than ever to enjoy.

San Francisco vending machines

San Francisco, it’s time to build a better breakroom!