Looking for an Energy Boost? Try Small Changes for Big Results

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Looking for an Energy Boost? Try Small Changes for Big Results

Want to boost your energy during the workday and get healthier? Then it’s time to look at the little things. At Coolbreakrooms, we know small changes to your daily routine can have a huge impact. They can boost your health, wellness, and overall energy levels. Who doesn’t want that?

5 Small Changes You Can Make Today

A few key, subtle adjustments can help build a better you. They require minimal effort but promise big results. Here they are:

1. Drink More Water

Research claims most Americans don’t drink enough water each day. Why is this a problem? Besides brain fog and low mood, there are more negative health effects to constant dehydration, says a National Institutes of Health study published in eBioMedicine. It also states that well-hydrated adults appear to be healthier than those who don’t drink enough water. They live longer and have fewer chronic conditions, such as heart disease.

Drinking more water at your office should be easy. If hydration stations are not convenient in your workplace, consider adding water filtration systems in multiple locations. This one from Vivreau provides benefits like proper hydration, sustainability, and cost savings. It’s a great way to get those extra ounces in of H-2-O.

2. Take Micro-Breaks

Stopping your work for a short (less than 10 minutes) break is great for your well-being. A published review of micro-breaks actually showed that 60% of workers felt more energized after one. This benefit was magnified when breaks were flexible and taken multiple times throughout the day. Micro-breaks renew your ability to focus and reduce stress too. So, go recharge without guilt!

3. Choose a Healthy Snack

We all snack during the workday to keep our energy and mood up. Unfortunately, quick snack choices can sometimes result in empty calories. The challenge? Try swapping one unhealthy snack option each day for a healthier one. It will put you on the path to better health. For example, try munching on popcorn instead of potato chips. Popcorn is more filling with fewer calories thanks to its high fiber content.

Want to see more healthy snacks in the breakroom? Some companies revamp the breakroom and all the offerings inside it to promote better nutrition for their team. Check out this blog about Elevance Health to see how a focus on well-being created a better corporate culture.

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4. Get Moving

We all know exercise is good for our brain and our body. But going to the gym every day may be a big shift in our daily routine. Instead, try adding just a bit more movement to each day. Park farther away in the parking lot to add steps. Or, try adding easy desk exercises to your workday.

5.  Caffeinate Wisely

Low and moderate doses of caffeine have an energizing effect on our minds. That’s why coffee and tea are part of so many people’s morning routines and workdays. We love the boost it gives us. Plus, studies found drinking coffee lowers the risk of many chronic diseases. This means it gives energy and aids health.

As great as caffeine is, it’s vital to know when you’re overusing it. High levels can lead to anxiety, a restless feeling, and insomnia. If you experience any of these it might be time to scale back. Try superfood-packed herbal teas or 100% fruit juices to get a boost without the caffeine. It’s a small change that can make you sleep better and feel calmer throughout the day.

Small Changes Build Up Over Time

When it comes to changing your habits and boosting energy, small steps can be easier than big ones. Start with this list of easy, doable changes. You’ll be more likely to keep the habits going and maybe even build new ones. This approach is great for helping your staff with a proper work-life balance, too.

Small Changes in the Breakroom Start with Coolbreakrooms

Wellness is easier with the right options at work. If your breakroom needs improving, we can help. From better office coffee options to healthy micro-market food items, our Authorized Providers have the experience and products to support wellness at work. Contact Coolbreakrooms today to get in touch with an Authorized Provider who can bring your breakroom into healthier focus.