Better Breakrooms made EASY

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Better Breakrooms made EASY

Many factors go into creating a better breakroom. Equipment, products, traffic flow, design, lighting, and more. The vast number of offerings and considerations can be overwhelming!

We recently sat down with Corporate Coffee Systems skilled team members Eric Mason and Edward Luti. For over 35 years, Corporate Coffee Systems has been a preeminent breakroom provider in the New York metro area. The company has perfected a process that makes upgrading the company breakroom easy, exciting, and rewarding for its clients. Eric and Edward kindly shared some of their secrets with Coolbreakrooms.

Meet Eric and Ed

Speaking with Eric and Ed, it’s clear that a passion for this business is key to their success. Another is balancing the Corporate Coffee Systems team with experienced members from all parts of the industry.  Eric brings a vast knowledge of sales and operations with national beverage companies to the team.  His retail mindset adds an exciting view of how the attended shopping and dining experience in a breakroom should work. Edward contributes deep experience in marketing and visual arts.   His creative strengths add value to how the company communicates and streamlines the process for its New York City clients.

Corporate Coffee Systems’ founder and owner, David Henchel, is a breakroom industry legend with over 35 years in the business.“We are very lucky to have so many engaged and experienced team members who love our business and elevate our customers’ workplace break rooms. They are dedicated to crafting a perfectly tailored solution, whether it’s café style coffee, water & ice dispensers, cutting edge micro-markets, office pantry programs, or essential office supplies.”

“We Start by Listening.”

The Corporate Coffee Systems sales team starts by listening to create a better breakroom for its clients. “We have a customer-centric approach to selling. We want to hear what the client is looking for and what is most important to them,” said Eric. “Every client has their own needs and wants.  We put those first to provide best-in-class service and build long-term relationships”.

After that free initial consultation, Eric’s team goes to work.  They determine if the client would benefit most by offering its employees and guests free coffee, snacks, and beverages (pantry service) or by charging for products in their exclusive ReFuel micro-market.  Sometimes, the best answer is a little bit of both. That is when Corporate Coffee Systems develops a custom hybrid concept for the client.

Next, the team eyes the space they have to work with and the creative juices start flowing. They take pictures and videos of the breakroom from all angles to take back to their innovative showroom and design center. This is how Corporate Coffee Systems sets itself apart from other breakroom providers and where the fun begins for their New York City clients.

Exclusive Showroom 

Every client is invited to visit Corporate Coffee Systems’ in-house showroom and design center. It helps them see and experience all of the equipment and products the company offers. Here’s a little of what clients can see:

    • Coffee equipment – including Traditional, Bean-to-cup, and high-end super automatics
    • Water filtration systems and ice machines
    • Kegerators for cold brew
    • Fresh food coolers
    • Market and pantry furnishings
    • Payment kiosks
    • Product selections – with a wide variety of healthy and local New York City offerings

Clients can experience their options firsthand before choosing their equipment and menus. Some clients are surprised by the number of options – some they didn’t even know were available.

Breakroom Design

The Corporate Coffee Systems team gets together from here and puts the client’s new breakroom together using an innovative 3D Imaging program. Their design considers everything, from optimal traffic flow to user convenience to available water and electric sources.

Another often forgotten factor Corporate Coffee Systems takes into account?  Lighting. Optimal lighting helps breakroom users shop more easily and read labels more clearly. It also impacts the overall look and feel of the environment.  Corporate Coffee Systems takes a sustainable approach to its lighting systems.  “Recently, we put LED lighting on a client’s snack stations and coolers. They loved it and sales increased 18%.”

Product Selection

Corporate Coffee Systems’ clients love selecting fresh foods, snacks, and beverages to fill their new breakroom. Ed shared that the emphasis on local product offerings is more and more important.  “We have seen a big increase in demand for local items. From locally roasted coffees to cold brews to snacks and beverages. We offer as much as we can from local providers. The clients want the local brands they know and love.”

Corporate Coffee Systems’ progressive approach to New York City breakrooms makes creating a new breakroom easy and fun for its clients.  It is why, after 40 years, their company continues to grow. New York City businesses have embraced them as a well-known and loved local brand of their own.

Corporate Coffee Systems’ water brand, Thyrst, and office supply brand, Office Universe, allow clients to work with one provider for all their breakroom and office supply needs. It is just another way Corporate Coffee Systems brings convenience and super service to businesses in the New York metro area.  We are proud to call them a Coolbreakrooms Authorized Provider. Contact us to discover more about Corporate Coffee Systems and our Authorized Provider network.