Beat the Winter Blues with a Coolbreakroom

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Beat the Winter Blues with a Coolbreakroom

The winter blues affects many employees. From a lack of engagement to serious depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or the winter blues affects up to 10 million people. Even with spring on its way, gray rainy days and sudden cold snaps can bring down morale. That drops productivity in the office. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to counter SAD and the winter blues. One of our favorite ways is through a Coolbreakroom.

5 Ways to Banish Winter Blues

The winter blues can cause your staff to lose motivation and struggle to concentrate. How can you help? Try nurturing positive mental health and offering new items in the breakroom.

1. Brighten up your space

One way to treat SAD is with bright light therapy. A study published in Arch Gen Psychiatry shows a majority of participants with SAD eliminated their symptoms after four weeks of bright light use. Even 15 to 30 minutes of exposure to bright light can help with mood. Try upgrading your breakroom lighting to full-spectrum bulbs and brighter lights to help improve staff moods.    This small change can lift your employee’s spirits as they enjoy a hot tea or latte from your bean-to-cup coffee brewer.

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2. Do Mood-Boosting Exercise

Getting active releases feel-good chemicals in the brain. This can help you stay positive and motivated during the day. Add signs in the breakroom promoting the benefits of exercise. Show examples of exercises that can be done in smaller spaces.  Even consider hosting yoga or guided stretching in the breakroom.

If your company offers fitness benefits or assistance programs, advertise them to make sure your employees are aware.  It will increase the chances that employees will take advantage of them to feel their best.

3. Create a Space to Engage

Connecting to co-workers can ease the winter blues. Therefore, creating a breakroom that has space for these brief, but powerful interactions is a must. The act of socializing releases hormones that make us feel better and takes our minds off the weather.

Add tables and chairs for groups to eat meals together. Or, if your breakroom space is more limited, try comfortable sofas and chairs. Place the furniture in small groups to encourage visiting and/or relaxing during breaks. It will boost productivity and morale.

4. Encourage Positive Routines

Studies show that being on a regular schedule can help with the winter blues. Why? Because your body has an internal clock, called a circadian rhythm. It can be affected by changes in daylight as the seasons change. Keeping to a consistent schedule each day helps regulate that internal clock. Encourage your employees to stop routinely for meals and breaks throughout the work day. This can boost mood, concentration, and your staff’s quality of work.

5. Eat Right to Beat Winter Blues

Last, but not least, focus on healthy eating. That means different things to different people. Look for a refreshment services provider who can offer a wide variety of fresh foods, snacks and beverages. Offer a selection of items to appeal to employees with special dietary preferences. Whether it’s keto-friendly, all-natural, low salt, or no sugar, it is possible to get nutritious snacks and drinks in your breakroom. And if these choices are in the breakroom, the easy access will inspire your staff to choose better-for-you options.

Want to explore more ways to improve your breakroom? Contact Coolbreakrooms. Our trusted breakroom service providers offer reliable solutions, including innovative micro-markets and gourmet coffee brewers. We can customize a breakroom space that is perfect for your team.