Sip on Success: Latest Breakroom Beverage Trends

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Sip on Success: Latest Breakroom Beverage Trends

Are the beverages in your breakroom keeping up with the times? Many of today’s employees want drinks that offer more than hydration. They want positive effects on health and the planet too. Keep your top talent by offering them the right kinds of beverages.

Read on for the beverage trends that will keep your coolbreakroom fresh

Prebiotic & Probiotic Beverages

The human gut, and its effect on health, is getting a lot of attention these days. As a result, there’s been a surge in drinks that aid this area of the body with prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotic means the drink has food for the “good bacteria” or microflora inside your gut. A popular example is Poppi, a prebiotic soda made with apple cider vinegar.

On the other hand, a probiotic beverage has live, good bacteria which can help boost your own microflora. Kombucha is well-known for its probiotic properties and comes in many flavors. Newer probiotic options include fruit soda, such as Dole’s The Secret Nature of Fruit. This means there are plenty of gut-boosting beverages out there.

Functional Beverages

Being healthy and productive means getting more from what you drink, so people are looking at ingredients and benefits. Take ZOA, a trendy functional energy drink full of antioxidants, vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids, plus the typical energy drink caffeine. It’s a great example of how today’s worker wants more from their sips

But it’s not just energy drinks that boost health and productivity. Sometimes we need a break to recharge. And the right beverages can help. One example is Recess, a drink made with elements to help calm stress. It’s a break in a can. 

Cold Brew On TapLow Acid Cold Brew

When looking into the top beverages for your breakroom lineup, cold brew is still a popular choice. That’s especially true among young professionals. It’s not just the mellow and smooth flavor that cold brew fans like. They revel in the low acidity of the coffee, which is gentler on the stomach. Yet, the coffee still delivers a caffeine buzz. 

These days, cold brew is available in sippable on-the-go bottles, cans, and cartons. That makes it easy to include in your micro-market cooler. However, for an extra breakroom boost, why not bring in a keg of cold brew? Well-known brands will even sell their cold brew just for kegs, making it a great way to deliver a fresh take on this popular drink. 

Plant-Based Beverages

One of the fastest-growing beverage categories is plant-based drinks, specifically dairy. The market is seeing a greater variety of nut, legume, and oat milks than ever. Plus, these are being turned into creamers perfect for your office coffee program

There are plenty of reasons plant-based is important to your staff. One is allergies or sensitivities people have to dairy. Another is sustainability. Drinks, and food, made from plants take fewer resources to grow and produce. Thus, plant-based alternatives are eco-friendly. 

Update Your Beverage Service for the Best Benefit

In order to get the most from your breakroom, it’s vital to keep the service up-to-date. That means looking at your beverage offering and ensuring it’s meeting your team’s health and social-responsibility demands.

If you need help finding a service that includes better beverages, reach out. We have Authorized Service Providers known for their reliable service and rotation of new, trendy products. Contact Coolbreakrooms today at (800) 795-6799 to get some more info.