Tasty Breakroom Trends Deliver More

Break Room Refreshment Trends

Tasty Breakroom Trends Deliver More

Breakroom Refreshment Trends

Don’t just imagine your breakroom’s potential; build your breakroom into a great employee benefit designed to attract new and retain current employees. In addition to traditional benefits, employees also look for “perks” like flexible scheduling, free food and great coffee. 

An integral part of any breakroom is the food and beverages that are offered. Without sought-after items, the breakroom is just that—a room. Preferred refreshment options will change as different generations leave and enter the workforce and either take or bring new food and beverage trends with them, making it particularly important to check in with your employees about their preferences. 

In 2020, there are two breakroom trends to consider, which will also likely appeal to most employees; the wide variety of coffee related beverages and the combination of fresh and fast grab-and-go foods. 

Coffee, Espresso and Cold Brew

According to the 2020 National Coffee Association survey, coffee continues to be consumed daily by 62 percent of Americans. In additional to espresso-based beverages, individuals aged 40 and under are also interested in gourmet coffee, non-espresso-based beverages (NEBB) and ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. 

Non-espresso-based beverages include frozen blended coffee, cold brew coffee and nitro coffee (cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen) while RTD beverages include fully prepared beverages that are available for purchase in a bottle or can. Any type of traditional coffee, espresso-based beverage and NEBB can be enjoyed as an RTD beverage. 

With both categories increasing in popularity, offering these beverages as well as traditional coffee in the breakroom encourages employees to stay on-site whether they need a break or a pick-me-up.

Breakroom Refreshment Trends


“Fresh” and “convenient” used to imply two different types of food, but that is no longer the case. Both words can now be used to describe grab-and-go foods thanks to an increase in demand for healthier, fresh and convenient foods by younger consumers.   

Sharon Olson, Executive Director of Culinary Visions® a food-focused insights and trends forecasting practice, shared the following about a recent survey, “We found that many consumers are struggling to strike a balance between fresh versus fast, healthful versus convenient and global versus local. Fortunately, the food industry has picked up their pace, meaning consumers won’t have to compromise-or slow down.”

When considering which fresh and fast grab-and-go foods to offer in the breakroom, it’s important to consider three current trends centered around the word fresh.

  • Fresh Reigns Supreme: While transparent packaging and healthy ingredients are especially important, if the food inside is perceived to not be fresh, then the consumer is less likely to purchase it. 
  • Locally Sourced: Of the different characteristics of a product that might imply freshness, local ingredients came out on top. 84 percent of individuals surveyed agreed “that locally sourced food is the freshest food.” 
  • Raw Fruits and Veggies: Access to fresh produce whether as whole fruit, chopped vegetables or a salad bar is something that most individuals would enjoy but agree is hard to find. 

Show your employees that they are appreciated and that their opinions matter by offering a well thought out office coffee service with a variety of healthy and traditional snacks and fresh food options. If you’d like to learn more about designing a customized refreshment menu in your breakroom or would like to share your favorite breakroom menu on Cool Breakrooms, call (800) 795-6799 today!