Must-Have Breakroom Technology

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Must-Have Breakroom Technology

Technology is changing everything about our experiences in the breakroom. Think of innovative customer service platforms, coffee machines where recipes can be adjusted remotely, smart water units, digital signage, and smart coolers to name just a few. With so many advancements hitting the scene, we need to keep focused. So, in this article, we are sharing some of our must-have breakroom technology.


ZippyAssist is one of the best customer service platforms in the breakroom. Consider it your virtual customer service assistant. Let’s say, you walk up to a vending machine and see a product jam. Simply text the number on the ZippyAssist sticker (located conveniently on the vending machine) to report what’s happening from your mobile phone. Your breakroom provider is immediately alerted. Are you craving a new product for your micromarket or pantry? The same easy steps apply to make a product request

ZippyAssist also conveniently provides refunds through Venmo, PayPal, and Zelle in the off-chance your vending machine doesn’t properly dispense your product after taking your money. With ZippyAssist, you’ll get a quick confirmation text that your request has been received. It’s simple to use, provides peace of mind, and gets problems fixed refreshingly fast.

This innovative 24/7 customer service platform is a favorite for employees, facility managers, and breakroom providers.  “Using ZippyAssist has closed the loop on communications. We can see everything on a dashboard for each client,” says Shane Swanson of Coley Canteen Food Service in Flint Michigan. “We now have more positive, kinder & productive conversations.” Happiness in the breakroom relies on continued top-notch customer service.  ZippyAssist technology ensures just that!

Breakroom Telemetry

Breakroom equipment talking to providers off-site? How awesome is that? Breakroom telemetry is what enables providers to do remote repairs, monitor product inventory levels, and even add gourmet recipes to your office coffee machine. So, what is telemetry? Telemetry automatically collects, measures, and transmits data from remote sources. When you use telemetry, breakroom services become faster and better.

Coolbreakrooms loves Cimbali Group’s super-automatic coffee machines and the advancements they offer through telemetry. For example, the Cimbali S-15 can upload up to 96 different recipes made to perfection every time. Today’s employees want lots of variety and the highest quality coffee in their breakroom. Cimbali Group’s telemetry and other innovations allow them to satisfy both! There is no longer a need to leave the workplace to indulge in delicious coffee.

Here are some other examples of how we use telemetry to create a better breakroom experience.

  • Bevi’s flavored water machine uses telemetry to track consumption.  You can see usage from your portal and your provider can see it too!  This means your provider knows what’s needed before your machine runs out.
  • Reach-in smart coolers use telemetry to track purchases and protect food safety. If the cooler rises above the proper temperature, it will lock and notify the provider for a repair and food quality evaluation.

Smart Store Technology

Smart store technology is a new advancement from Cantaloupe Inc. The company combines Smart Lock technology, a payment terminal, and AI to create a holistic and superior self-service experience. Instead of grabbing items and checking out at a separate kiosk, you simply pay at the cooler, open the door, and grab your item.

How does it work? The coolers are locked with Smart Lock technology until your payment is scanned. Once you swipe your card and open the door, it uses AI technology and computer vision to charge you for what you take from the cooler.

These three technologies work together to create an intelligent system that matches the security of vending machines but with a larger variety of products.  It also allows for customers to review package labels and return products to the shelf before making their final selection and closing the cooler door.

There are so many newer innovations when it comes to breakroom technology! We see ZippyAssist, breakroom telemetry, and Smart Store technology as game changers for the breakroom.  Does your breakroom provider offer the latest and greatest breakroom advancements?  If not, it may be time to make a switch.  Contact Coolbtreakroom to find an Authorized Provider near you!