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Coolbreakrooms believes that a great breakroom can bring your Washington D.C. employees together and build positive office culture. Every company’s ideal breakroom is unique and different. We help you discover which refreshment services are the best fit for your needs. We’ll walk you through the many Washington D.C. refreshment solution options including micro-markets, pantry services, office coffee services, or vending machines. In addition, we will provide you with the profiles of our local Authorized Service Providers so that you can select the ideal partner for designing your new breakroom. Get in touch! Your new Washington D.C. breakroom awaits!

Breakroom Services in Washington D.C.

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your Washington D.C. workplace.

Washington D.C. micro-markets

Refuel your employees with a Washington D.C. micro-market

A micro-market offers hundreds of snacks, fresh food, and beverages around the clock so that your Washington D.C. employees can refuel whenever they’d like. From satisfying lunches to fresh fruit, yogurt, and sandwiches, a wide variety of products are available in Washington D.C. micro-markets. Your employees can grab a bottle of juice before an early meeting or purchase a snack to make it through a long workday. Our trusted refreshment services provider will help you create a menu of products that matches your team’s preferences. Bring your Washington D.C. breakroom convenience and a wide range of refreshments with a micro-market.

Boost Morale with a Washington D.C. office
pantry service

A pantry service is a popular employee perk that can boost morale and improve company culture. With a Washington D.C. pantry service, your staff can grab a snack or beverage for a boost of energy that’s free of cost. Your Authorized Service Provider will create a tailored menu of single-serve and bulk food items that your Washington D.C. employees will love. Not only is a pantry service ideal for retaining your current staff, but it can also help your Washington D.C. company attract new talent.

Washington D.C. office pantry service
Washington D.C. office coffee

Drink quality coffee with a Washington D.C. office coffee service

Enjoy drinks that taste just as good as a barista-prepared latte or cappuccino with a Washington D.C. coffee and tea service. With the help of our reliable Authorized Providers, you can enjoy a coffee bar that includes gourmet coffees and teas and modern coffee technology. A single-cup coffee service makes it easy for your Washington D.C. employees to each make their favorite drink. Alternatively, a traditional coffee brewer is great for serving a crowd. Adding a water filtration system to your Washington D.C. breakroom is a fabulous way to keep your employees refreshed and hydrated. Not only is pure, filtered water tastier, but it can also improve the flavor of coffee and tea!

Washington D.C. vending machines offer
quality refreshments

Cutting-edge technology makes it possible to offer tasty snacks, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and refreshing beverages with vending machines. You can put vending machines in your Washington D.C. breakroom or place them in convenient locations throughout your workplace. If your employees have favorite refreshments, your vending service provider can source them and add them to your Washington D.C. vending machine product menu. Cutting-edge remote technology means that your vending machines will always be fully stocked and well-maintained. Your Washington D.C. employees will love having easy access to irresistible snacks, specialty items, refreshing beverages, and fresh food.

Washington D.C. vending services

Take your Washington D.C. breakroom to the next level with the help of Coolbreakrooms. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’re committed to guiding you through the process of upgrading your brearkroom.