Want to save money, increase productivity, and make employees happy?

Want to save money, increase productivity, and make employees happy?

Some people don’t believe in the importance of a quality breakroom. They might ask the following questions:

Do I really need one?

Isn’t it just an added cost?

Do people even care about breakrooms?

Doubt begins to creep into the minds of many employers. However, this is not necessary. Many breakrooms are highly underutilized. But you can transform the work environment with a simple room: the breakroom. The potential value it holds can add immense value to your business.

Safe haven

Including a breakroom gives employees a place to escape without actually leaving the premises. Distractions are prevalent in offices where coworkers are only a few feet away. Consequently, this leads to less productive employees. Yet, according to a Staples survey, 55% of employees feel guilty leaving their desk. How can employees be productive while feeling guilty and listening to their coworker’s cat stories? By providing a breakroom, you give your employees a safe haven from coworkers to be alone or talk outside of work, depending on their needs. John Trougakos, an associate professor of management at the University of Toronto, said job stress can easily be reduced with work breaks. “Disconnecting from work can do wonders for people’s energy and mind-set,” he said, “while improving employee effectiveness, satisfaction, and reducing strain and fatigue.” In other words, breakrooms gives your employees a place to take a vitally important break from work without feeling guilty by leaving the office.

Saves you money

Offering a cool, unique breakroom with excellent food and drink choices is cheaper than giving employees a pay raise. Maybe you want to give multiple employees a pay raise, due to their outstanding work, dedication, or simply to keep them at your company. For many business owners, adding an extra dollar or two per hour can quickly add up. Meanwhile, a breakroom might have a bigger initial cost, but will pay for itself quite quickly. Plus, you can adjust the quantities and types of items, giving you more leeway on prices. In addition, you can ask employees what they want most in the breakroom. Employees love being heard. Giving them a place to voice their opinions is a kind, generous act to give your employees.

People want a breakroom

Who doesn’t love free items or a place to step away from work? In particular, millennials desire a breakroom. Up to 57% of employees appreciate a well-stocked breakroom, which led to less stressed, more productive, and happier workers. Employees love a great salary, of course, which is hard to beat. However, if you can add a breakroom, employees – especially millennials – will be better at their job. If you can increase the quality of your employees’ work and make them happy, it’s definitely worth looking into.

At the end of the day, breakrooms serve as untapped potential. They are a great option for increasing productivity among employees, simply by giving them a place to eat lunch. (Bonus points if you can add more than free food and drinks.) If you can elevate the environment of your office through a breakroom, you’ll ultimately save money and spread happiness among employees.

Here’s the real question: why not invest in a breakroom?

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