Vancouver Breakrooms

Build a Vancouver breakroom that’s the heart of your workplace

A well-designed Vancouver breakroom encourages employees to collaborate and build positive working relationships. Whether through chatting over a cup of coffee or sharing a sweet treat during a meeting, a breakroom can offer many opportunities for building positive company culture. At Coolbreakrooms, we have experience creating effective Vancouver breakrooms. We’ll walk you through the refreshment solution options, which include an office pantry service, a micro-market, an office coffee service, and vending machines. Then, we’ll connect you with a reliable Authorized Service Provider who will work with you to create the ideal breakroom for your Vancouver employees.

Breakroom Services
in Vancouver

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your
Vancouver workplace.

Vancouver micro markets and vending machine solutions

Prioritize employee wellness with a Vancouver micro-market service

Imagine there was a convenience store with your favorite products in your Vancouver breakroom. That’s what you get with a Vancouver micro-market. One of our reliable breakroom service providers will stock it with your team’s preferred snacks, fresh foods, and beverages. You can even prioritize your product selection to include healthy options such as whole fruit, salads, and wraps. A micro-market can help keep your Vancouver employees on site as they can find great lunch and snack options in the breakroom. Bring this perk to your company by getting in touch today!

A Vancouver pantry service keeps employees happy

When your Vancouver employees are well-fed, they are happy employees. You can keep your team energized and satiated with free snacks and beverages from your Vancouver office pantry service. An office pantry service is a popular employee benefit that can also help you attract new talent. Your Authorized Service Provider can work with you to create a menu that’s tailored to your preferences and also fits within your budget. With this Vancouver breakroom service, your team will feel valued.

Vancouver office pantry service and healthy vending service
Vancouver office coffee solutions and snack vending machines

Foster community with a Vancouver office coffee service

Energize your Vancouver employees with their favorite gourmet coffees and teas. With a Vancouver office coffee service, you can offer a wide selection of hot beverages including trendy drinks like flat whites and cappuccinos. A single-cup coffee service allows your staff to personalize their coffee to their tastes. Or, opt for a traditional coffee brewer for serving coffee at meetings and workshops. Complete your beverage options with pure, great-tasting water. A Vancouver water filtration service in the form of a freestanding, countertop, or plumbed-in water filtration system can keep your team hydrated and refreshed.

Recharge employees with Vancouver
vending machines

Offer a great selection of snacks, fresh foods, and beverages with Vancouver vending machines. Your Vancouver employees can recharge by purchasing a favorite snack, snack, or refreshing beverage from the vending machine. Today’s modern Vancouver vending machines accept multiple payment options including credit cards and mobile wallets. With the help of one of our Authorized Service Providers, you can even customize your product selection to include specialty items and popular
local snacks.

Vancouver healthy vending service and water service

Coolbreakrooms is here to help you with your Vancouver breakroom upgrade. We look forward to guiding you through the process of designing your new breakroom and putting you in contact with one of our trusted Authorized
Service Providers.