Using a Breakroom to Enhance Company Culture

Using a Breakroom to Enhance Company Culture

Have you ever been at dinner, listening to a friend or family member rave about their job? Typically, they aren’t raving about the job itself. Usually, they are referring to an amazing work perk, helpfulness, benefits, etc. In other words, they are talking about the company’s ability to go above and beyond for their employees.

How can a company increase their “cool” factor and make employees happier? There is one easy, simple way to achieve this: by utilizing the breakroom.

Breakrooms are often overlooked. (Isn’t Starbucks on every corner practically?) What if you want to go beyond vending and go the extra mile for your employees? Using the breakroom to its full potential can improve your company’s culture immensely. Here are just a few, tangible ways to achieve this.

Quiet Area

Maybe this room looks like a mini library. Maybe it’s a designated nap area. Maybe it’s simply a room where employees are expected to be quiet and mind their own business. For loud, hectic, or simply crazy work days, this room could be a lifesaver. If you can add some couches, keep the lighting dim, and offer some earbuds, this could be a fantastic breakroom area.

Game Area

True, not everyone can have a basketball court in their breakroom. However, most breakrooms could include a ping pong table, air hockey, or even video games. Not only does this provide an outlet for employee stress, but it also can provide camaraderie amongst other employees. Even if the game is competitive, it allows the players to bond and coworkers a chance to laugh and de-stress.

Food Area

What would a breakroom be without food? If you can offer quality and quantity, how can you go wrong? In fact, what if you had an actual chef preparing food daily for employees? Maybe you don’t need to go that far, but maybe you can offer a “Starbucks on us” if they buy a certain amount of break items by the end of the week.

The options are endless for enhancing company culture. The key is to be creative, stick to your company’s values, and trust your gut. If you think you have a cool breakroom idea, ask some coworkers, family members, friends, etc. In fact, send out a survey with a checklist of breakroom ideas (i.e. games, spa, or coupons). If employees feel heard and benefit from a cool, improved breakroom, then you’ve already won. Company culture is a fancy way of saying this: make people happy.

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