The New Breakroom: Welcoming Employees Back Safely

The New Breakroom: Welcoming Employees Back Safely

Lots of things about the post-COVID workplace will take some getting used to. Despite forced distancing, the yearning to connect, make friends, and create a workplace community persists. Historically, breakrooms served as the best place for employees to refuel, collaborate, and connect. Research has shown that Americans are most excited to reconnect with their friends and colleagues when eating away from home. In the new breakroom environment, how will this engagement continue?

The breakroom of the future beyond COVID-19 is even more convenient, contactless, and connected. Here are a few new initiatives designed to help you snack more safely:

Convenient access to fast & fresh meals will eliminate the need to leave the office for lunch.

Quick trips down the street to grab lunch won’t be so easy, and may not be worth the trouble thanks to precautions that will include social distancing and temperature checks upon return. With healthier grab-and-go options in the breakroom, employees will now be able to combine restaurant quality take-out with on-site dining convenience. And on days when you’re really craving food from your favorite local restaurant, many companies will have a designated area on site for orders to be safely delivered. 

Having a contactless break room will help ensure employee safety.  

Cleanliness and disinfection standards will be necessary for  preventing the spread of this virus and future viruses, as well as reducing user concerns. Operators now have many new options available, such as machines outfitted with touchless innovations. Examples include foot-pedal coolers, J-hooks that allow you to open doors with your forearm, and antimicrobial film on kiosk screens that work to kill contaminants on the surface. For offices with pantry or coffee areas, gravity-fed dispensers and app-controlled coffee equipment are becoming popular solutions to keep the environment as touch-free as possible.  For instances where being completely touch-free isn’t feasible, hand washing and sanitizing stations are now more accessible.

Connected breakrooms will offer worry-free convenience to employees and clients. 

There was already a push toward a fully connected break room prior to COVID-19, but what was once a nice-to-have is now  a necessity. The connected breakroom of the future will enable consumers to have a contactless experience from browse to purchase. Operators are now equipped with an array of touchless checkout options to make that possible.

Planning for the future in uncertain times is tough and for those returning to work in-person it will certainly be an adjustment. The good news is that breakroom operators are innovating to ensure you have a safe space to refuel, relax, and catch up with coworkers.


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