Simple, Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Breakroom Today

Simple, Overlooked Ways to Improve Your Breakroom Today

People say  “go big or go home.” When it comes to breakrooms, this seems to be the mentality. Instead of simple improvements, they feel the need to completely renovate everything, which may not always be necessary. For example, do you really need to replace the cabinets? Do you really need to take out the entire wall to expand the room? Do you really need to have a live band playing every Friday? While these are fun – and possibly necessary – changes, this is not always the case. Maybe you’re lacking motivation or inspiration. But you can start today with a little extra effort.

Paint the room

Does the room need a facelift? Maybe the room has a nice layout, delicious coffee maker, but seems to be lacking something. Sometimes, the room just needs a little something extra: paint. Color can make or break a room. The breakroom should be a place people want to visit, not avoid at all costs. Paint is a relatively cheap solution, rather than ordering a bunch of modern furniture in hopes it changes the room.

Add some mirrors

Does the room seem stuffy or lack windows? Try adding some mirrors! They have the ability to make a room look bigger, while also allowing employees a place to look at themselves. If an employee just ate or drank something, they probably want to ensure they don’t walk back with mustard in their beard or faded lipstick. Give employees few mirrors, which will also open up the room a bit.

Change the layout

Does the room feel small and cramped at times? Maybe it’s not the room, but the layout. If you have to walk around the table right after opening the breakroom door, you probably need to move things around. In addition, if the coffee area feels clustered, provide a coffee kiosk in the middle of the room. This will allow more people to grab items without feeling like you’re in grade school again, waiting for your turn.

Keep it clean

Surprisingly, this is often overlooked. You might have a super cool breakroom: video games, tables from Italy, and coffee shipped fresh from France. But if the place isn’t clean, it can deter a lot of people. Dirty video game consoles? Leftover ketchup on the table? A messy coffee area full of sugar and cream? Having someone in charge of cleaning it daily is important, unlike the rest of the work place, which does not have spilled food, coffee, or trash littering the area.

Add a few plants

While lots of breakrooms offer the right things on paper, maybe it’s missing some warmth. Plants are a fantastic way to make the room less stiff or frigid. Instead, they can liven a place up (literally), while adding some color as well. In addition, they don’t need to take up space. You can hang some plants from the ceiling or let some tiny potted plants line the window sill.

Making your breakroom a better place doesn’t need to cost a fortune, nor does it need to take weeks of renovation. Instead, consider small, yet creative ways to change the setting. Doing something shows you care about your employees. Consider one of these ideas and see where it takes you.

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