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Coolbreakrooms is a movement focused on improving breakroom services and workplace culture throughout the Philadelphia area and the nation. We are making a positive impact on Philadelphia companies and helping them enhance their employees’ quality of life, health, and wellness at work. Explore a multitude of breakroom services for the greater Philadelphia area: from micro-markets with enticing fresh food options, to complimentary employee pantry services, to gourmet office coffee services and modern, efficient vending machines. Coolbreakrooms is helping to connect Philadelphia businesses with breakthrough ideas, innovative breakroom service providers, wellness partners, and more. Explore our featured breakrooms to get inspired by companies who are leading the way with better breakroom services and creating workplace environments their employees love.

Breakroom Services in Philadelphia

Need help understanding the multiple breakroom service options available for your Philadelphia workplace? We can guide you toward the right refreshment service and provider for your company.

Micro-Markets in Philadelphia

Micro-Markets bring convenience to
Philadelphia employees

Philadelphia companies with a breakroom micro-market provide their employees with the convenience of a corner store right in the office. Delicious fresh foods are in ample supply and offer a great alternative to running out for lunch. Plus, an expanded variety of snacks, beverages, and office coffee selections ensures your Philadelphia employees satisfy all their cravings with a trip to the company breakroom. Micro-markets create a welcoming space for employees to dine, socialize, or collaborate. Micro-markets are customized to make the most of your breakroom space and are sure to wow your Philadelphia employees.

Philadelphia companies with Pantry Service provide a valuable employee benefit

Offering your Philadelphia employees pantry service with no cost snacks, beverages, and office coffee will make them feel valued and keep them energized throughout the day. A quality breakroom service provider will partner with your Philadelphia company to develop an assortment of snacks and beverages to suit your tastes and budget. Complimentary pantry service is an affordable way to keep your current employees happy and to recruit new talent. Clients and guests are also impressed with the warm welcome a well run pantry service provides.

Philadelphia office Pantry Service
Philadelphia office coffee service

Office coffee service done right will perk up your Philadelphia workforce

Give your Philadelphia employees a gourmet coffee shop experience with a delicious office coffee program. Breakroom service providers offer all your favorite coffee brands and an assortment of brewing options too. Choose a single-cup brewer for convenience, variety of flavors, and consistency of taste. Select a bean-to-cup brewer for freshly ground office coffee, specialty drinks, and freshly composed whips and froths. Rely on a traditional brewer for group meetings and large volume output. Enhance the flavor of your office coffee and keep your Philadelphia employees hydrated with the addition of a water filtration system. A complete office coffee program will save your Philadelphia employees costly trips to the coffee shop and keep them satisfied at work.

Vending Machines are a great resource for Philadelphia workers.

A well stocked vending machine will go a long way in satisfying your Philadelphia employees snack cravings at work. Better breakroom service providers offer state-of-the-art equipment plus a variety of healthy snacks and beverages. Some vending machines even offer fresh foods too. No matter the size of your Philadelphia workplace, it can benefit from a vending machine program. It will put your Philadelphia employees’ favorite snacks and beverages within easy reach and save them from running out of the office.

Vending machines in Philadelphia

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