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A breakroom upgrade is a great way to engage employees and boost morale. Coolbreakrooms can help you design an attractive breakroom that meets your Ottawa company’s unique needs. Fortunately, there are many refreshments options to consider including in your Ottawa breakroom. A micro-market offers hundreds of products while an office pantry is great for recruiting and retaining talent. An office coffee service can improve your hot beverage setup and vending machines are versatile and convenient. After learning your goals for your new Ottawa breakroom, we’ll connect you with one of our Authorized Service Providers who can bring your vision to life.

Breakroom Services
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Discover the many breakroom service options available for your Ottawa workplace.

Ottawa micro markets and healthy vending machines

An Ottawa micro-market creates
a convenient
shopping experience

With an Ottawa micro-market service, your employees can enjoy easy access to snacks, fresh food, and beverages. Plus, your Ottawa employees can save time when shopping for lunch or a healthy snack because they can stay onsite. Like a convenience store, a micro-market has open shelves, glass-front coolers, and a self-checkout kiosk. Working with your Authorized Service Provider, you can customize the product menu to include your favorite refreshments. Employees can find fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, whole fruit, trail mix, and more in your Ottawa breakroom. Thanks to remote monitoring, your service provider can automatically restock your micro-market.

An Ottawa office pantry service can boost your workplace culture

When your Ottawa employees are hungry, they can enjoy free snacks and beverages from your office pantry. Your Ottawa office pantry can be tailored to match your budget and fit in your space. Offer your employees healthy snacks such as fresh fruit and whole grain snacks or treats like candy. Your Authorized Service Provider will help with everything from design and set-up to restocking and maintenance. Additionally, this Ottawa breakroom service is a great way to attract new talent.

Ottawa office pantry service and beverage vending machines
Ottawa office coffee solutions and food vending machines

Add an outstanding Ottawa office coffee service to your
breakroom lineup

Quality tea and coffee can motivate and energize employees throughout the workday. With an Ottawa office coffee service, offering gourmet coffees and teas is simple. Your Authorized Service Provider will offer you modern coffee equipment such as a single-cup coffee service or a traditional coffee brewer. Additionally they’ll stock your Ottawa breakroom with creamer, sugar, teas, flavored syrups, stir sticks, and anything else you need. Complete your breakroom with an Ottawa water filtration service. Fresh, pure water from a water filtration system will keep your team refreshed and hydrated.

Keep your team hydrated and alert with reliable Ottawa
vending machines

Vending machines are a modern, versatile option for offering a variety of refreshments. Choose from snack, beverage, and food vending machines to include in your Ottawa breakroom or lobby. Your Ottawa vending machines can be customized to include your preferred snacks, foods, and beverages. Additionally, one of our reliable service providers will track your inventory using remote monitoring to restock refreshments so that you never run out. Your Ottawa employees will appreciate the modern payment options which include mobile wallet and credit card.

Ottawa vending service and water filtration

Coolbreakrooms can help you create an amazing Ottawa breakroom. We’ll help you through the process and put you in touch with one of our Authorized
Service Providers.