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Upgrading your Orlando breakroom can boost morale and encourage collaboration. Yet, we know that transforming your breakroom isn’t always easy. At Coolbreakrooms, we’re here to guide you through the process so that you can select the best Orlando refreshment solutions for your unique needs. Our experts will help you explore the options that range from a micro-market to an office pantry service, office coffee service, or vending service. Then, we’ll offer you comprehensive profiles of our trusted Authorized Service Providers who can bring your breakroom to life. Your Orlando employees are sure to love your new, improved breakroom.

Breakroom Services in Orlando

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your Orlando workplace.

Orlando Micro-Markets

Discover convenience and variety with an Orlando micro-market

Bringing an Orlando micro-market to your office is like installing a convenience store in your breakroom, but better. With a micro-market, you can customize your product selection to include your favorite fresh foods, snacks, and refreshments. You can even prioritize healthy items such as fresh fruit or request local products. Our Authorized Service Providers specialize in modern micro-markets that use remote monitoring to track inventory. That way, your Orlando breakroom will always be fully stocked. In addition, your Orlando employees can pay using a credit card, mobile wallet, or cash at the self-serve kiosk. With a micro-market, your staff can pick up lunch or a satisfying snack without leaving the building.

An Orlando pantry service is an ideal
breakroom solution

Attracting new talent and retaining your hardworking employees is easy with an Orlando office pantry service. This breakroom solution helps you stand out from the crowd as an ideal employer. An office pantry makes free snacks, beverages, and foods available in your Orlando breakroom. Our reliable Authorized Service Providers can create a custom solution that fits perfectly within your budget and space. In addition, they’ll ensure that your Orlando office pantry runs smoothly and is always stocked.

Orlando Office Pantry
Orlando Office Coffee

Create the perfect coffee and tea set-up with an Orlando office coffee service

There’s nothing quite as energizing as a cup of tea or coffee to make it through a long workday. Bring a cafe-like experience to your breakroom with an Orlando office coffee service. With a self-serve coffee service, employees can make their favorite specialty drinks including cappuccinos and lattes. Traditional coffee brewers are also a great choice for serving coffee at meetings and conferences. Additionally, our reliable Orlando breakroom service provider will stock everything you need such as creamer, sugar, stir sticks, flavored syrups, and more. Upgrade your coffee service by also adding an Orlando water filtration service. A water filtration service can improve the taste of coffee and tea while also keeping your team fresh and hydrated.

Orlando vending machines that deliver
quality refreshments

Bring excellence in refreshments to your breakroom with an Orlando vending service. Today’s food, snack, and beverage vending machines are modern and reliable. Accepting multiple payment options, making purchases is convenient and seamless. Our Authorized Service Providers can even customize your Orlando vending machines to include your preferred products. Additionally, vending machines are versatile and can be placed within or outside of your Orlando breakroom.

Orlando Vending Machines

Coolbreakrooms will make upgrading your Orlando breakroom easy. We’ll guide you through the process and put you in touch with one of our Authorized Service Providers.