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Coolbreakrooms is a company dedicated to improving workplaces in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and throughout the nation. We profile companies with amazing breakrooms and guide those in the New York City Metro area looking to elevate their own breakroom services through the variety of available options.

A great company breakroom can contribute to a positive workplace atmosphere, improve employee productivity, and reduce daily stress. Introducing fresh foods, providing healthy snacks and beverages, and offering a great office coffee program in your New York City breakroom can be achieved through many programs. Coolbreakrooms explains the differences between them all, from micro-markets to pantry service to traditional vending services.

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Learn more about the different breakroom options available in your area and how to choose the best one for your workplace.

Micro-markets in New York City

Micro-Markets: A fresh approach for New York City breakrooms

Save your New York City employees the daily hassle of running out of the office for lunch by upgrading your breakroom to a micro-market. Micro-markets offer a delicious menu of fresh foods that rotate seasonally. They also provide gourmet office coffee service and an incredible assortment of snacks and beverages. New York City employees with a breakroom micro-market spend more time relaxing on their lunch break, save money, and enjoy an increased connection with their co-workers.

Pantry Service: A delicious advantage for New York City employees

Reward your New York City employees, entice new recruits, and impress clients and guests with an office pantry service program. Pantry service provides complimentary snacks, beverages, and office coffee within an affordable budget that your company sets. Employees of companies in the New York Metro area that offer pantry service see the program as a valuable benefit. And companies in New York City that make a small investment in a pantry service program see big payoffs within their workforce.

Pantry service in New York City
New York City office coffee service

Office Coffee Service: Energize your New York City workforce

New York City is known for its great coffee shops, but your employees wont need to leave the office for a great cup of coffee when you provide a quality office coffee program in your breakroom. Breakroom service providers carry all of your favorite coffee brands and a variety of brewing equipment too. Traditional brewers, single-cup brewers, and bean to cup brewers all have distinct advantages and Coolbreakrooms will help your New York City company make the perfect choice.

Vending Machines: A staple in New York City offices

When New York City employees are in need of a midday snack, vending machines are a welcome sight. These days, vending machines carry not only a great assortment of popular snacks and beverages, but specialty items and healthy options too. Breakroom service providers in the New York City Metro area offer modernized vending machines with cashless payments options, making them even more appealing and convenient.

New York City vending machines

New York City, let’s build a better breakroom together!