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Positive company culture grows in your Memphis breakroom

Creating a positive community among employees starts in your Memphis breakroom. The breakroom is where employees can socialize, brainstorm, and even enjoy a productive meeting. Upgrading your breakroom with modern services can help create a space where your Memphis employees can enjoy a snack or cup of coffee. Allow us to help you choose the right services for your needs. Choose from a micro-market, office pantry service, vending machine service, or office coffee service. After helping you determine your needs, we’ll connect you with a trusted local operator who will transform your Memphis workplace.

Breakroom Services
in Memphis

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your Memphis workplace.

Memphis micro markets and healthy vending machines

Provide quality refreshments 24/7 with a Memphis micro-market

When lunchtime rolls around, your Memphis employees don’t have to go far. They can find quality fresh food, snacks, and beverages in an attractive Memphis micro-market. Micro-markets feature glass-front coolers and open shelves so that customers can browse for their favorite items. From fresh salads and sandwiches to tasty treats, Memphis employees can find everything they need. Offering convenience, a micro-market means your team can stay onsite and save time. This innovative solution also features a self-serve kiosk where customers can pay using the payment method of their choice.

Serve upscale snacks and beverages with a Memphis pantry service

Take your Memphis breakroom to the next level with an office pantry service. Offering your team free snacks and beverages can boost the mood in your Memphis workplace. With the help of our Authorized Service Providers, you can create a custom office pantry that meets your unique needs. Serve a unique mix of healthy snacks and refreshing beverages that energize your team. Don’t worry about restocking, as our trusted providers monitor your inventory and ensure your office pantry is always ready to enjoy.

Memphis office pantry service and beverage vending machines
Memphis office coffee solutions and food vending machines

Make a positive impact by adding a Memphis office coffee service to your breakroom

Improve your Memphis workplace by adding an office coffee service. Coffee is essential for many Memphis employees. Ensure your team can enjoy gourmet coffees and teas by upgrading your Memphis office coffee service. Our Authorized Service Providers will work with you to determine the best office coffee equipment. Choose from a single-cup brewer, bean-to-cup service, or a traditional coffee brewer. Adding a water filtration system to your breakroom is another excellent enhancement. With a water filtration service, you can eliminate impurities that affect the taste of coffee and tea. Plus, your team will enjoy staying hydrated with quality water.

Memphis vending machines offer breakroom essentials

Bring a wide range of quality refreshments to your Memphis breakroom with modern vending machines. Today’s Memphis vending machines offer more than traditional snacks and beverages. Our Authorized Service Providers offer the latest in vending technology so that employees can access fresh food, tasty snacks, and refreshing beverages. Request your team’s favorite items and create a custom mix of vending products. Your Memphis employees can also conveniently make purchases using cashless payment options. Enjoy refreshments anytime with a vending machine service.

Memphis vending service and water filtration

Start enjoying a better Memphis breakroom with the help of Coolbreakrooms.