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Coolbreakrooms is igniting change throughout Los Angeles and across the country. We are improving company breakrooms by providing ideas, guidance and support. There are a variety of ways companies in Los Angeles can upgrade their breakroom. Coolbreakrooms helps you weigh the advantages of micro-markets, pantry service, office coffee service, and vending machines to select best choice for your LA business. Check out our featured breakrooms for inspiration!

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Micro-markets in Los Angeles

Micro-Markets: Take your LA breakroom to a whole new level

If you are looking for a great selection of fresh foods in your Los Angeles breakroom, a micro-market is the perfect choice. Micro-markets provide an enticing menu of fresh foods, office coffee, and an incredible variety of snacks and beverages. Your breakroom service provider will create a micro-market layout to maximize your breakroom space and your LA employees will love the ability to shop your breakroom just like it’s the corner store. Los Angeles companies with a micro-market in their breakroom keep employees on site during break times, allowing them to skip the hassle of running out for meals and snacks.

Pantry Service: a great perk for Los
Angeles employees

Let your Los Angeles employees know how much you value them by offering them free office coffee, snacks and beverages. Pantry service keeps workers energized, hydrated, and productive throughout the work day. It’s a benefit employees truly appreciate every day they are in the office. A quality breakroom service provider will develop a great assortment of snacks and beverages your LA employees will appreciate – and that you can easily afford.

Los Angeles office pantry service
Office coffee service in Los Angeles

Office Coffee Service: a refreshing change in your
LA workplace

Welcome your Los Angeles employees to work each day with tasty coffee and soothing tea. An office coffee program will provide your workers with a fabulous assortment of the best coffee brands and reliable brewing equipment that is easy to use. LA breakroom service providers offer traditional brewers, single-cup brewers, and bean-to-cup brewers to suit your company’s tastes. They also keep your equipment clean and maintenance free. Water filtration systems are a compliment to an office coffee program and further improve its taste.

Vending Machines: still an LA favorite

The new generation of LA vending machines are efficient and reliable – and breakroom service providers use the latest technology to keep them filled with your employees favorite snacks and beverages. Vending machines provide LA workers convenient access to a variety of well-loved brands, specialty items, and healthy options. They can be placed in several locations outside of the company breakroom, making them a great add-on option for larger Los Angeles office spaces.

Los Angeles vending machines

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