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At Coolbreakrooms, we know that breakrooms have the power to improve company culture by providing an inviting and convenient space for employees to enjoy breaks. There are many breakroom services available for Indianapolis workplaces. It can be difficult to choose between a micro-market, pantry service, office coffee service, and vending machines. Our experienced team can guide you through the benefits that each Indianapolis refreshment solution has to offer. Then, we’ll connect you with the best Indianapolis breakroom services provider for your needs and budget. Before you know it, your new breakroom will be ready
to enjoy!

Breakroom Services in Indianapolis

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your Indianapolis workplace.

Indianapolis micro-markets

Indianapolis micro-markets elevate the
breakroom experience

Offer your Indianapolis employees hundreds of refreshment options with a micro-market service. Similar to a mini convenience store, a micro-market features glass front coolers and open shelves. Your employees can save time during their breaks by purchasing a healthy snack or lunch in your Indianapolis breakroom using the self-checkout kiosk. Your refreshment services provider will custom design your Indianapolis micro-market to fit your space perfectly. Additionally, they will work with you to create a product menu that includes all of your team’s favorite snacks, beverages, and fresh foods.

An Indianapolis pantry service is a popular employee perk

Show your team how much you appreciate their hard work by providing free snacks and drinks in your Indianapolis breakroom. With an Indianapolis pantry service, you can recruit and retain your workforce while also improving company culture. With easy access to refreshments, your employees will experience better moods and increased productivity. Additionally, your Indianapolis office pantry service can be tailored to meet your budget and needs. Your Authorized Service Provider will work with you on everything from the design to designing a menu that includes your team’s
favorite refreshments.

Indianapolis office pantry service
Indianapolis office coffee service

Enjoy gourmet coffee with a premium Indianapolis office coffee service

With a quality office coffee service in your Indianapolis workplace, your team can enjoy quality coffee every day. Our Authorized Providers offer cutting-edge technology in Indianapolis office coffee equipment. Choose from traditional office coffee brewers, single-cup coffee services, and bean-to-cup brewers, depending on your needs. Your new office coffee service will provide a seamless experience that includes maintenance and routine cleaning so that your Indianapolis employees can always make their favorite brew. Keep your team healthy by adding a water filtration service to your Indianapolis breakroom lineup. With fresh water free of impurities, your staff will be motivated to stay well-hydrated.

Indianapolis vending services that enhance
your breakroom

Discover the convenience of adding snack and beverage vending machines to your Indianapolis breakroom. Your Indianapolis refreshment service provider can help customize your product menu to feature your staff’s favorite snacks, beverages, and fresh foods. Include healthy options, popular national brands, local items, and specialty products. With trusted and reliable Indianapolis vending services, keeping your breakroom beautifully prepared for your staff has never been easier. Your refreshment service provider will take care of stocking and maintenance automatically, thanks to cutting-edge remote monitoring technology.

Indianapolis vending machines

Coolbreakrooms is here to help you upgrade your Indianapolis breakroom. We’ll help you turn your vision into reality by guiding you through the process of redesigning your breakroom service and connecting you with one of our trusted Authorized Service Providers.