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Coolbreakrooms was founded from the idea that employees in Houston and throughout the country deserve enhanced workplace environments and improved company breakrooms. A great breakroom provides employees with delicious fresh foods, gourmet office coffee, snacks, and beverages on site. Coolbreakrooms is Houston’s expert resource for understanding the different types of breakroom services available. We explain the advantage of micro-markets, pantry services, and traditional vending services and connect you with the right breakroom services provider. Coolbreakrooms also advocates workplace wellness initiatives. Explore our featured breakrooms for inspiration and let Coolbreakrooms help make your ideal new breakroom a reality!

Breakroom Services in Houston

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your Houston workplace.

Houston micro-markets

Micro-Markets offer many delicious choices for Houston employees

Instead of running out of the office for lunch, Houston employees with a breakroom micro-market enjoy great fresh foods, snacks, and beverages right at work. Your Houston breakroom services provider will custom design a micro-market layout perfect for your breakroom space and fill it with enticing salads, sandwiches, and entrees, delicious office coffee, and all of your favorite snacks and beverages. Micro-markets are easy to shop, fully secure, and accept a variety of cashless payments for the convenience of your Houston employees.

Wow your Houston employees with Pantry Service

Show your Houston employees you appreciate them by providing complimentary office coffee service, snacks, and beverages throughout the work day. Your workforce will love the convenient access when they need quick hydration or an energy boost. Pantry Service is an affordable office perk that will make your Houston employees feel valued. It is also a nice treat for clients and guests. Your Houston breakroom services provider will help you create a great pantry service menu to suit your budget and tastes.

Houston pantry service
Coffee service in Houston

Office coffee service will delight your
Houston workforce

A gourmet office coffee program will save your Houston employees costly trips to the coffee shop and keep them satisfied at work. Houston breakroom services providers carry all of your employees favorite brands of coffee and tea and offer a variety of brewing equipment too. Traditional brewers are great for fueling large groups, Single–cup brewers are simple to use and convenient, and bean-to-cup brewers are perfect for making gourmet coffee beverages with freshly composed whips and froths. Installing a direct line water filtration system will enhance the taste of your coffee even more.

Vending Machines are handy for Houston workers.

Satisfy your Houston workforce by supplying vending machines stocked with their favorite snacks and beverages. Your Houston breakroom services provider will fill your vending machines with well loved national brands, specialty items, and a variety of healthy snacks too.

Houston vending machines

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