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Partner with Coolbreakrooms to streamline the process of creating the best El Paso breakroom for your workplace. Our team of experts will help you choose the best solutions for your goals and needs. Each breakroom solution offers unique benefits and advantages. Choose a micro-market, pantry service, office coffee service, vending service, or a combination. Each option brings refreshments within steps of your El Paso employees’ desks. Our experienced team will simplify the planning process and help you create an amazing space that motivates and energizes your employees. Then, we’ll connect you with an outstanding Authorized Service Provider who can make your El Paso breakroom dreams a reality.

Breakroom Services
in El Paso

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your El Paso workplace.

El Paso micro markets and healthy vending machines

An El Paso micro-market is an innovative solution

Enjoy the latest in breakroom solutions by installing an El Paso micro-market in your workplace. Featuring open shelves and glass front coolers, micro-markets offer a wide variety of snacks, fresh foods, and beverages. Micro-markets are fully automated and open around the clock. Your El Paso employees can pick out satisfying meals and tasty snacks without leaving the building. Our Authorized Service Providers offer a customized micro-market experience, meaning you can create a unique product menu that matches your tastes and needs. Transform your El Paso breakroom with an attractive micro-market.

Indulge your employees with a custom El Paso pantry service

Motivate your El Paso employees by offering complimentary snacks and beverages in your breakroom. Our Authorized Service providers will work with you to create a custom office pantry service that adapts to your space and budget. Employees will love being able to enjoy grab-and-go snacks and beverages in your El Paso breakroom. An office pantry service can boost morale and improve company culture. Enjoy the benefits of a pantry service in your El Paso workplace.

El Paso office pantry service and beverage vending machines
El Paso office coffee solutions and food vending machines

An El Paso office coffee service can invigorate your team

Keep your team motivated and happy with an El Paso office coffee service. For many El Paso employees, coffee is a workplace staple. Upgrade your office coffee service to include the latest office coffee technology our Authorized Service Providers offer. Try a bean-to-cup machine or single-cup coffee service for specialty coffees such as lattes and cappuccinos. You can also serve coffee in meetings and at events with a traditional office coffee service. Take your El Paso breakroom to the next level with a water filtration service. No drink is more refreshing and hydrating than a glass of fresh, filtered water. Plus, water filtration services can improve the taste of tea and coffee.

Discover the benefits of El Paso vending machines

Offer your El Paso employees convenience and quality with vending machines. Our Authorized Service Providers offer a modern vending experience complete with your favorite specialty products, local items, and even fresh foods. Forget searching for loose change, today’s El Paso vending machines accept credit cards and mobile wallets. Whether in your El Paso breakroom or lobby, vending machines offer easy access to excellent refreshments.

El Paso vending service and water filtration

Coolbreakrooms can help you achieve the El Paso breakroom upgrade your workplace deserves. We’ll streamline the process and connect you with one of our Authorized Service Providers.