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Coolbreakrooms is here to help you amaze your employees with the perfect Denver breakroom for your needs. Allow us to guide you through the process of choosing the best refreshment solutions for your Denver company. Discover the advantages you can enjoy with each service including micro-markets, pantry services, office coffee services, or vending machines. With the Coolbreakrooms team on your side, you can simplify the process of designing the perfect space for staff to come together. Then, we can connect you to a stellar local Authorized Service Provider who will work with you to make your breakroom come to life.

Breakroom Services in Denver

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your Denver workplace.

Denver micro-markets

Create a customized experience with a Denver micro-market

Bring convenience and quality to your breakroom with a Denver micro-market. Similar to a mini convenience store, a micro-market offers hundreds of snacks, beverages, and fresh foods. With a micro-market, your Denver employees can buy a fresh salad, satisfying sandwich, refreshing beverages, and other tasty snacks without leaving the building. With the help of your refreshment services provider, you can even tailor your product selection to include your team’s favorite items. Micro-markets offer easy payment through a self-serve kiosk and are completely secure thanks to cutting-edge technology. Bring this employee benefit to your Denver company by reaching out today!

Reward employees with a Denver
pantry service

When your Denver employees need an energy boost, they’ll appreciate your new and well stocked office pantry service. A Denver office pantry service makes tasty snacks and refreshing beverages available at no cost to your team. Your Authorized Service Provider will work with you to create an affordable office pantry that includes a customized menu of your ideal refreshments. With this Denver breakroom perk, your team is sure to feel appreciated and valued.

Denver office pantry
Denver coffee service

Discover the best coffee equipment with a premium Denver office coffee service

Getting work done is much more pleasant with a steaming cup of coffee in your hand. With the modern and reliable office coffee technology offered by our Authorized Service Providers, your staff can enjoy their favorite drinks without leaving the office. With a premium Denver office coffee service, you can choose a bean-to-cup brewer, a single-cup coffee service, or a traditional office coffee brewer. Each brewer can offer a range of gourmet coffees and teas to your hard-working Denver team. Ensure your staff is hydrated with pure, refreshing water from a Denver water filtration service. Water free of impurities can also improve the taste of coffee and tea!

Provide breakroom essentials with Denver
vending machines

Picking up tasty snacks, fresh food, and beverages anywhere in your Denver workplace is simple with modern vending machines. Today’s vending machines bring specialty products, local items, and even fresh foods like sandwiches and salads right to your workplace. With your Denver vending service, you can customize the product offerings to include favorite refreshments and healthy options. Place vending machines in your Denver breakroom or in other strategic areas to make refreshments more accessible to your employees.

Denver vending machines

Coolbreakrooms is your partner in upgrading Denver breakrooms. We look forward to guiding you through the process of designing your new breakroom and putting you in contact with one of our trusted Authorized
Service Providers.