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Coolbreakrooms is igniting change in Dallas workplaces and across the country. We provide ideas, guidance and support for improving your company breakroom and simplify the process. Coolbreakrooms helps you compare the advantages of micro-markets, pantry service, office coffee service, and vending machines to select the best choice for your Dallas business. We also provide tips for choosing the right breakroom services provider. Check out our featured breakrooms for inspiration!

Are you having trouble choosing the right breakroom service for your Dallas business? Coolbreakrooms makes it easy!

Dallas micro-market

Take your Dallas breakroom to a whole new level with a Micro-Market

Dallas companies with a micro-market allow their employees to maximize their break time and avoid the hassle of running out for meal or snack. A micro-market provides the same conveniences and selection as the corner store, including a variety of fresh foods, beverages, snacks, and coffee. Your Dallas breakroom services provider will customize a micro-market layout that is perfect for your breakroom space.

Wow your Dallas employees with complimentary Pantry Service

Keep your Dallas employees hydrated and energized throughout the work day with no-cost pantry service. Employees value pantry service and it is an affordable way for Dallas companies to show them that they care about their well being. A breakroom services provider can help you create a menu that will work within your budget and offer a great variety of office coffee, snacks,
and beverages.

Perk up your Dallas workforce with Office Coffee Service

Gourmet office coffee service is a great way to welcome your Dallas employees to work each morning and re-energize them throughout the day. Your Dallas breakroom services provider can offer a variety of your favorite coffee and tea brands as well as the right equipment to serve your office’s needs. Coffee drinkers with discriminating tastes will love the freshly ground bean-to-cup brewers. Those that value selection and convenience may prefer a single-cup brewer. And Dallas companies needing to satisfy large groups at once may opt for traditional brewing equipment. No matter your choice, you can trust your Dallas breakrooms services provider to have the right combination of coffee, tea, accessories, and equipment to serve you!

Make snacks handy in your Dallas office with Vending Machines

New, modern vending machines offer an easy way for Dallas employees to satisfy their snack and beverage cravings. Dallas companies can customize their vending machine menus to include a greater variety of healthy snacks or even fresh foods. Your breakroom services provider can help!

Vending machines in Dallas

Dallas, creating a better breakroom is easy with Coolbreakrooms!