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Progressive companies in Chicago and throughout the nation recognize how great breakroom services positively impact their employees. A great breakroom creates a welcoming, hospitable workplace environment and enhances employees’ quality of life. Coolbreakrooms is your top resource for understanding what makes a fantastic breakroom and how to create one in your own Chicagoland office. We help you understand the differences between breakroom services like micro-markets, pantry service, office coffee service, and vending programs. We also explain how to choose the right breakroom services provider for your Chicago company. Our featured breakrooms page is a great place to find ideas and inspiration!

Chicago Breakroom Services

There are many breakroom service options in Chicago.
We will help you make sense of them all and select the best choice.

Chicago micro-markets

Micro-Markets are an exciting upgrade for your Chicago breakroom

Chicago employees are thrilled by the increased selection of fresh foods, snacks and beverages they find in a breakroom micro-market. A micro-market upgrade immediately adds convenience, value, and atmosphere to your Chicagoland workplace. Employees no longer need to run out for food on their lunch break: they can enjoy fresh salads, tasty sandwiches, and delicious office coffee right in their own breakroom. A micro-market also provides a comfortable space for Chicago co-workers to gather and socialize.

Chicago employees love complimentary
Pantry Service

Treat your Chicago employees to no-cost snacks, beverages, and office coffee with pantry service in your workplace. Employees appreciate the free access to healthy snacks and beverages throughout the day. Clients, guests, and recruits are also impressed with pantry service. Pantry service is an affordable way to let your Chicago employees know you value their comfort and well being at the office. A breakroom services provider will work within your budget to develop a selection of food and beverages that keeps your Chicago workforce satisfied.

Chicago coffee service

Office coffee service starts the day right for Chicago workers

Welcome your Chicago employees to work each day with a gourmet office coffee program. Done right, an office coffee program will save your employees costly trips to the neighborhood coffee shop and keep them happy and energized at work all day. Breakroom service providers carry all of Chicago’s favorite coffee brands, plus a variety of brewing options. Traditional brewers, single-cup brewers, and bean to cup brewers all have distinct advantages. Coolbreakrooms will help you understand which brewing type best fits your Chicago company’s needs.

Vending Machines bring convenience to your Chicago office

Nothing satisfies a snack attack better than a quick trip to the company vending machine. Vending machines provide your Chicago employees’ easy access to their favorite snacks and beverages. Some vending machines even offer fresh food options. Rely on your breakroom service provider to develop a selection of sweet treats and savory snacks complimented with specialty products and plenty of health choices too. Larger Chicago businesses supplement the offerings in their company breakroom with multiple vending machines throughout their office space.

Chicago vending machines

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