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Create an inspired Boston breakroom

Streamline the process of building the ideal breakroom for your Boston workplace with the help of Coolbreakrooms. Our experts will help you determine the best refreshment solution for your needs. Micro-markets offer great variety and convenience while an office coffee service is essential for coffee-loving offices. Your Boston employees are sure to appreciate the free snacks through an office pantry service. Vending machines are another great choice for grab-and-go snacks and meals. Each of these breakroom services can bring many benefits to your workplace. Additionally, we’ll connect you with trusted Authorized Service Providers who will transform your Boston breakroom.

Breakroom Services in Boston

Discover the many breakroom service options available for your Boston workplace.

Boston Micro-Markets

Delight employees with a Boston micro-market

An open market is full of hundreds of products including tasty snacks, fresh foods, and refreshing beverages. Adding a micro-market to your Boston breakroom makes refreshments and meals easily accessible to employees. That way, your team can save time they would have to spend shopping offsite. With the help of one of our Authorized Service Providers, you can even tailor your Boston micro-market to include healthy products or favorite treats. Include healthy meal options like salads and wraps, or stock up glass-front coolers with your team’s favorite beverages. Your Boston employees are sure to love the convenience and variety present in a micro-market.

A Boston pantry service can inspire employees

Provide your Boston employees with free refreshments using an office pantry service. Our Authorized Service Providers can create a custom office pantry to fit perfectly into your Boston breakroom and budget. Offering employees complimentary snacks and beverages can boost productivity and motivate your team. With a Boston pantry service, you can upgrade your breakroom and create a welcoming space that encourages collaboration.

Boston Office Pantry
Boston Office Coffee

Upgrade your breakroom with a Boston office coffee service

A mug of hot coffee is a workplace essential for many Boston employees. Take your Boston breakroom to the next level with a superior office coffee service. Our Authorized Service Providers provide custom Boston office coffee service that is customized to meet your unique needs and preferences. Choose the coffee equipment you prefer, whether that’s a traditional coffee brewer, bean-to-cup brewer, or single-cup coffee service, your refreshment service provider can provide quality modern equipment. In addition, your Boston breakroom will be regularly stocked with sugar, creamer, stir sticks, and more. Go the extra mile by adding a water filtration system to your workplace. There’s nothing that beats a cool cup of pure, refreshing water. Plus, a water filtration service can make your coffee and tea taste even better.

Expand refreshment options with Boston
vending machines

Discover the benefits of a Boston vending service. Bringing convenience and versatility, Boston vending machines offer quality grab-and-go snacks, beverages, and foods wherever you need them. Our Authorized Service Providers use modern, state-of-the-art vending machines. Your employees can pay with credit card or even a mobile app! If you have favorite snacks, beverages, or specialty items, your breakroom service provider can stock them for you. Add vending machines to your Boston workplace for easy access to a wide variety of refreshments.

Boston vending machines

Coolbreakrooms is your partner in achieving an excellent Boston breakroom upgrade. We’ll walk you through the process and connect you with one of our Authorized Service Providers.