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Coolbreakrooms will guide you through the many breakroom services available in the greater Atlanta area, including micro-markets, pantry services, office coffee service, and vending options. We offer insight into breakroom service providers too.

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Atlanta Breakroom Services

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Atlanta self-service micro-markets


A corner store right in your Atlanta office

Atlanta employees with access to a breakroom micro-market love the convenience it provides. Delicious fresh foods keep them on-site during the work day and allow them to make the most of their valuable break time. A breakroom micro-market also provides an expanded selection of snacks, beverages, and office coffee.

Micro-market menus are tailored to fit your Atlanta company’s specific needs and the tastes of your employees. Micro-markets also provide a comfortable space for Atlanta workers to relax, connect, and collaborate.

Pantry Service

Recharge your Atlanta employees with complimentary snacks

Atlanta companies with pantry service make their employees feel cared for each and every work day. Gourmet office coffee service plus nutritious snacks and beverages allow them to refuel at no cost and keep them energized. Pantry services are considered an impressive benefit not only for Atlanta employees, but for clients and new recruits as well. An Atlanta breakroom service provider will create an assortment of snacks and beverages that will suit your company’s budget and your employees’ tastes.

Atlanta office coffee service

Office Coffee Service

Perk up your Atlanta workplace

Start the morning off right for your Atlanta employees with gourmet office coffee service in your company breakroom. Delicious office coffee will keep your Atlanta workforce satisfied and prevent expensive trips to the local coffee shop. There are a variety of available brewing options to suit your company breakroom. Traditional brewing equipment is great for large volumes. Single-cup brewers provide easy clean up and convenience. Bean-to-cup brewers offer an enhanced coffee experience with freshly ground beans and gourmet whips and froths. You can elevate the taste of your office coffee with the addition of a water filtration system. No matter the choice, your Atlanta employees will thank you!

Vending Machines

Keep snacks and beverages handy for Atlanta workers

Atlanta’s new, state of the art vending machines are easy to operate, accept cashless payments, and are filled with delicious snacks and beverages. Plus, top Atlanta breakroom service providers offer smart technologies to ensure your breakroom never runs out of your favorite vending items. Snack and beverage assortments include plenty of healthy options and fresh foods are now a popular choice too. Your Atlanta employees’ tastes can be satisfied with the simple press of a button when you offer a quality vending machine program!

Atlanta vending machine services

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